5 Ayurvedic, easy home remedies to control high cholesterol levels

High cholesterol can lead to severe health problems. If unchecked, it can even cause heart attacks or strokes. High cholesterol levels in the blood can lead to fatty deposits in your blood vessels, eventually affecting the blood flow to arteries. If these deposits suddenly break and form a clot, it can lead to strokes or heart attacks. The danger also lies in the fact that often, it shows no symptoms and the fatal attack can be sudden! Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and genetic predisposition are some of the causes of high cholesterol. While you need to check with a doctor and take prescribed medicines, Ayurveda suggests some natural remedies that can assist in keeping cholesterol levels in check. 

1)  Add Coriander seeds to the diet: 

Ayurveda has listed many wonderous benefits of coriander seeds. Rich in folic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, nutrients that boost the body’s detox process, coriander seeds can be consumed to control blood cholesterol levels. 

2) Have honey

Drinking water mixed with honey and lemon has been age-old advice for weight loss. While some swear by it, others say it’s a fad. Well, weight loss can’t be ensured by merely drinking this concoction, but the health benefits of honey can’t be denied. Honey helps to reduce fat in your system and control cholesterol levels. Adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar can make it a more effective option.

3) Avoid processed food and high-fat dairy

Fatty food, ultra-processed foods, high-fat milk or yoghurt, cheese – these are items that should be avoided if you have high cholesterol. Even if you don’t, their intake should be minimised.

4) Fenugreek seeds to boost metabolism 

This is another favourite of Ayurveda. If you consume fenugreek seed water every day on an empty stomach, it aids in weight loss, which in turn helps in cholesterol control.  Rich in Vitamin E, fenugreek seeds have a wide range of anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

5) Garlic to the rescue

It may not be easy to eat when not cooked but garlic is believed to have amazing health benefits that can prevent high cholesterol. One clove of finely chopped fresh garlid, half teaspoon grated ginger mixed with half a teaspoon of lime juice can be consumed before every meal in the day. This helps in controlling cholesterol. 


(Disclaimer: The article is based on general information and is not a substitute for a medical expert’s advice. Zee News does not confirm this.)

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