830 people died, thousands rendered homeless amid torrential rains

830 people died, thousands rendered homeless amid torrential rains

View of stagnant water after low-level flood at Indus River while flood water entered riverside settlements, showing negligence of concerned authorities, in Sukkur on Monday

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman stressed the urgent need for humanitarian aid and relief operations to rehabilitate injured and flood-affected people across the country.

At a briefing on the country’s current flood emergency, reassessing the damage caused by repeated and unprecedented floods, the minister said 830 people had been killed and 1,348 injured in torrential rains in the country. and said thousands had lost their homes.

The monsoon moved from Balochistan to Sindh province, submerging 30 districts. During the current monsoon, Sindh and Balochistan receive 395% and 379% more rain than average, respectively.

This is a climate disaster of epic proportions and could lead to a humanitarian crisis on a scale comparable to the 2010 deluge. At this time, both sides of the Indus River are flooded in Sindh province, the epicenter of the current disaster.

Thirty districts of Sindh and even Balochistan have had their accommodations dangerously compromised, with similar speeds and water velocities currently being experienced in southern Punjab. People have been displaced and livestock and crops have been damaged. This is an unprecedented monsoon humanitarian catastrophe, Shelley said.

Given the scale of the catastrophe, there is little doubt that the state and even Islamabad are capable of coping with a climate disaster of this magnitude on their own. Lives are at stake and thousands are homeless. It is important that international partners mobilize aid.

The Indus River will cross the Guddu River with over 600,000 cusec on August 23-24, 2022, and will be flooded by a barrage of Sukkur, submerging the entire Kutcha region along the Indus River, killing thousands of families. will evacuate.

This will be added to the current shift. Flooding in Sindh cost him 216 lives. In Sindh province, an estimated 1,500,000 kacha houses were damaged and 1,989,868 acres of cultivated crops were completely destroyed.

With the onset of new monsoons, other parts of the country, especially his DG Khan, are vulnerable to mountain flooding.

Underscoring the need for urgent and immediate relief efforts, Secretary Rehmann said, “The current climate catastrophe is not just in the form of food, shelter and basic survival facilities, but also the immediate international need for humanitarian efforts.” and national mobilization, we Pakistani Armed Forces, the NDMA, along with state governments, are working tirelessly to tackle this climate crisis, but lack of resources is a major challenge.

It is important to coordinate and act on the needs of disaster-hit areas. Triangulation with development partners and donors.

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