Absence from martyrs’ funeral being made controversial unnecessarily: Arif Alvi

Absence from martyrs’ funeral being made controversial unnecessarily: Arif Alvi

President Arif Alvi

Islamabad: President Arif Alvi has responded to criticism on social media for not attending the funeral of Mr. Shukhda, Absence from martyrs’ funeral being made controversial unnecessarily: Arif Alvi who was martyred in the helicopter crash in Balochistan, saying the issue was unnecessarily controversial.

President Arif Alvi said on his personal social his media accounts: The disaster in Balochistan was buried with full military honors.

The president said this would also allow him to clearly condemn vile tweets by people who “do not know our culture or religion”. , pointing out that he had attended and visited, and that he had never left for such an occasion.

“I consider it my duty to do so on your behalf. The family was proud, but we all recognize the sad personal loss in this world,” said President Arvi.

“When my family cried, I cried too. There is no doubt that Pakistan is safe because of their ultimate sacrifice. I am proud.”

‘President wanted to attend the funeral of martyrs’

Sources said the president had hoped to attend the funerals of Balochistan helicopter crash martyrs but was prevented from attending because of “false and negative propaganda by PTI trolls,” according to Geo News. said a day ago.
The president had expressed a desire to attend the martyrs’ funerals as commander-in-chief and head of state, the agency told Dr. Alvi. “Negative propaganda,” he said. It infuriated people, sources said.
He was therefore advised that President Alvi had better omit the burial of the martyrs to avoid unwanted incidents. The president heeded his advice and did not attend the funeral prayers.

DG ISPR condemns negative propaganda

Maj. Gen. Babar Iftikhar, director of interagency communications, also condemned the negative propaganda on social media that spewed out in the wake of the helicopter crash.
“Since the August 1st accident, we have been desperate.
General Babar stressed that this should not be the case, stating that the elements were spreading negative propaganda and that rumors should be ignored.
“Insensitive behavior is unacceptable and It should be condemned on every platform,” he said, adding that the Pakistani military is grateful to the country.It stands by them and the martyrs.

Martyrs laid to rest

On Tuesday, the martyrs of the Balochistan helicopter crash earlier this week were buried in Rawalpindi with full military honors.
Funerals for Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali, Major General Amjad Hanif and Brigadier General Muhammad Khalid were held at the army cemetery.
Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif, Senate Speaker Sadiq Sanjirani, Union Minister, Chief Minister of Kashmir Azad Jammu, Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Kamal Javed Bajwa, foreign dignitaries, numerous senior military and civilians retired Officials and martyrs attended the prayer portion of the funeral.

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