BJP leader detained for ‘promoting religious enmity’

BJP leader detained for ‘promoting religious enmity’

BJP leader detained for ‘promoting religious enmity’

MUMBAI: Indian police on Tuesday arrested a member of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on suspicion of “facilitating hostility in the name of religion”.

This comes after a Muslim group called for his arrest for remarks about the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The arrest of T. Raja Singh, Member of Parliament for Telangana Southern State, comes months after the BJP suspended its spokeswoman Her Nupur Sharma for her comments, which have led to diplomatic ties to India.

Joel Davis, a senior police officer in the city of Hyderabad, said, “He was accused of promoting hostilities in the name of religion.” increase. This is about a video he recently posted.

Hindu Nationalist His BJP said he would investigate Singh’s comments and take action if found to be in violation of rules, party spokesman K. Krishna his Rao said in his News18 told to As media footage shows,  Muslims protested against Singh on Monday night after the video was released on social media. It wasn’t the first time it happened.

According to Al Jazeera, Facebook (now his Meta) banned Singh in 2020 for “violating its policy on violence and hate speech.”

The reason for the ban was that the politician was banned from Facebook and Instagram because of the company’s policy on “dangerous people and organizations,” the company said.

Singh was banned from the platform after Wall said his account was not suspended, according to reports in his Street Journal, despite being reported internally for spreading hatred against minorities.