Break up or make up: dating shows featuring ex-couples enjoy boom

Break up or make up: dating shows featuring ex-couples enjoy boom

A poster for Tving’s dating show “EXchange” / Courtesy of Tving

Dating shows feature former couples exploring former or new love

By Lee Gyu-lee

The reality show “We Got Divorced,” which came back together after the ex-husband and wife broke up, began in November 2020, and the divorced couple rarely appeared together in Korean shows, which was a big hit with the concept, Break up or make up

The show, which saw a couple of former celebrities look back on their relationship, gained a strong audience and received a second season that ended this month. Following the success of the show with a couple who married before
, a wave of dating reality shows for exes such as “EXchange” and “First Love, Again” hit the entertainment scene.

The reality show “Exchange” on the streaming platform Tving began its second season on July 15th, after gaining popularity in the first season in June last year.

The show gathers ex-couples who broke up for a variety of reasons. As they ponder their relationships and divisions, participants interact with each other to find new romance or decide whether to return to their previous relationships.

First Love Again, a new dating show that follows a similar format on the local cable channel MBC every1 is about people reuniting with First Love Again.

The show, which began on June 27, features a group of singles who invite their first love to stay in a shared apartment with other contestants.

The ex-husband and wife spend a fulfilling time together, remembering, and exploring each other’s protracted emotions, opening up potential new romance with other participants in the house.

“It is difficult to express in one word how you felt when you first met your love. Through the show, you will be able to experience the various emotions of those who reunited with their first love. ”

Posters for MBC every1’s new dating show “First Love, Again” / Courtesy of MBC every1

KBS will also release a former couple reality show “Lovely Call” on July 11th, starring actor Sung Yu Ri, K-POP group highlight Son Dong Woon, comedian Yang Se Hyun, and TV Jang Young Ran. have started. Rapper Gree as a host.

The date show hasn’t survived the farewell and follows the various contestants in each episode who want to reunite with their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Contestants meet with ex-lovers, talk about farewells, and discuss their lasting feelings that could cause another romance between them.

“There were many dating shows with groups of men and women to find love, but I felt like there weren’t enough shows to deal with the emotions experienced by distant couples.”

“The first time a separated couple meets, they feel different. When they meet them, the participants have different feelings of despair. This show shows how they parted, and his Viewers will sympathize (to the show) as they capture those feelings and stories about the reason. ”

Meanwhile, the dating reality show Change Days on Cacao TV, don’t let the couple break up, Break up or make up

Netflix too. Streamed, the show is about a real couple trying to end their relationship.

4 couples spend their time on a romantic vacation, dating together and exploring their feelings. It then decides whether they should repair their current relationship or seek new love.

The show, starring comedians Jang Doyeon and Yang Sechan, and singers Heo Young-ji and Code Kunst, began its second season last month.

“I wanted to capture the real problems of a real couple,” producer Lee Jae-suk said at a press conference. “I wanted to deliver the moment when (the viewer) saw the true story of a couple whose relationship was at a loss and thought,’My relationship was the same.'”


Credit/Source : KoreaTimes

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