Busan named as Baby Shark’s official hometown

Busan named as Baby Shark’s official hometown

By Ko Dong-hwan

It has been revealed that the anime character “Baby Shark” produced by a Korean content company that swept the world on YouTube in 2016 was born in the sea of ​​Busan.

The Baby Shark character and its family / Courtesy of Busan Metropolitan City

News is neither a delayed truth nor a hoax — it is a recent agreement by the creators of cities and characters to establish as a permanent fact based on recent commerce.

Pinkphone and Busan Metropolitan City signed a memorandum of understanding on Wednesday and cooperated in using this figure as a marketing tool to promote cities around the world. Lee Sung-kyu, the company’s vice president and co-founder, met with Mayor Park Toru at the city hall where the contract was signed.

Both parties have ample potential to realize their initiative in YouTube’s most popular intellectual property (IP) hit on YouTube with over 11 billion music videos, Baby Shark Dance. I felt there was.

“We have come up with this theme that Baby Shark was born in Busan, the biggest port city in Korea and a hub of cultural content in the country, and started traveling the world,” Lee said. “We can support the city’s tourism industry using the character and storytelling based on this theme.”

“I want to thank the company, the creator of the country’s most successful global IP character, for believing in Busan’s potential as an international tourism destination and choosing the city as the home of Baby Shark,” Park said. “I will make the city so that visitors can feel the presence of the character not only online but also in diverse physical environments across the city.”

With the deal, the city and the company agreed to launch jointly new businesses using the character including storytelling, city branding, tourism promotion marketing, tourism infrastructure building, as well as promoting the city’s bid to host World Expo 2030.

Busan has recently begun using the country’s global IP assets to develop a local leisure cluster ― with experience facilities for all ages, English education facilities, family hotels and resorts ― and souvenir products as the city’s new industrial growth engine. The mayor said that the city’s latest deal will contribute to the new market and also help with the city’s ongoing bid to host World Expo 2030.

Baby Shark has about 100 million subscribers to The Pingfong Company’s YouTube channel. The character is open to the public in more than 164 countries, and as a result, the company has signed nearly 1,000 license agreements worldwide. Founded in 2010, the company now introduces character usage in a variety of ways, including YouTube, animated films, music, licenses, and performances.

With a recent signature, Busan has partnered with two Korean companies on TIME Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential companies in the world this year, including Hybe, the producer of Mega K-POP Act BTS.


Credit/Source : KoreaTimes

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