Cabinet meeting: Declaration against PTI to be filed with SC

Cabinet meeting: Declaration against PTI to be filed with SC
Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb briefing media persons after Federal Cabinet meeting

Cabinet meeting: Declaration against PTI to be filed with SC

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb briefing media persons after Federal Cabinet meeting

Islamabad: The federal cabinet on Thursday decided to send a statement against Pakistan Tehreek Einsaf (PTI) and its leadership to the Supreme Court, urging the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to launch an investigation into the party leader who initiated the crime. instructed. We will launch a lawsuit against them for money laundering and misuse of donations for political purposes.

“Following the ECP ruling, the Federal Cabinet has decided to send a statement in principle to the Supreme Court and the FIA ​​is requested to initiate an investigation to initiate criminal proceedings,” Media Cabinet Decision.

An ECP ruling issued under the Political Parties Ordinance (PPO) of 2002 declared the PTI a foreign-owned political party. “Imran Khan deliberately made false affidavits and declarations to the ECP as chairman of the PTI for five years,” the minister said, adding that the words “deliberately” and “deliberately” were also used in the ECP decision. added that it used PTI as a party. Received foreign funds from a foreign company or a foreign person.

The minister said that during the press meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, a briefing was given by the law minister on legal aspects of the ECP verdict. She said the law minister was given three- day time after Ashura to present the protestation before the press for detailed reflections on all its legal and indigenous aspects, and its blessing before it was filed with the Supreme Court for farther action.

Marriyum refocused out that the PTI was a political rival of the government, but the ECP blazoned its decision as per the choices Act, 2017 and the Political Parties Order, 2002. She said protestation against the PTI leadership would be filed in the SC for action under the Political Parties Order, 2002. “ The ECP decision not only mentions false affidavits of Imran Khan but also gives a complete plutocrat trail and the same proved that the PTI is a foreign- funded party, ” she said.
The minister said the PTI president, in his five affidavits, deliberately inked the statement, which said that according to the stylish of his knowledge and belief, the fiscal position of the party and other details were correct and no finances were attained from banned sources, as per PPO, 2002.

She also recalled that the PTI sought 51 adjournments, filed 11 desires with the high court and changed nine attorneys which showed that they were complete time to respond. “ Now they’re giving responses on TV channels, but it could have been better had they done so in last eight times, ” she said.
The minister said the PTI leadership sought 51 adjournments but submitted no concrete replies and tried to escape from the ECP. “ The interpretation of Constitution and law can not be different in this case, and the civil press also acted in the same spirit, ” the minister said.

She said the PTI didn’t declare 16 accounts, though those were opened in the name of Imran Khan, other PTI leaders and workers working in the party secretariat. She said the innards minister had been asked to direct the FIA to launch an independent and unprejudiced inquiry against the PTI leadership, while looking at aspects of plutocrat- laundering, misappropriation of finances and abuse of charity finances for political purposes.
“ This is a big decision. For the first time in the country’s history, a party has been declared as a foreign- backed party. The decision says that particular accounts were used to admit foreign backing for the party, and the same also makes it a case of fraud, ” she said adding that the inquiry would also find as to where the foreign finances were utilised.

She said the FIA inquiry would also have inputs from the Federal Board of profit( FBR), State Bank of Pakistan( SBP), public Responsibility Bureau( NAB) and other concerned organisations.

To a question whether any decision was taken to put names of Imran Khan and other PTI leaders on the Exit Control List( ECL), she said the coalition government was different from the former governance, which used to arrest political leaders and put their names on ECL. “ We want to follow the legal course as per law of the land and the ECP verdict, ” she said.

She told a doubter that filing a protestation against the PTI leadership and launch of the FIA wasn’t demand of the civil press, but it acted as per Constitution and law in the light of the ECP verdict. “ This isn’t our demand but we’re bound to act as per the Constitution and law, ” she said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif took to his twitter handle to denounce PTI Chairman Imran Khan for entering banned backing from foreign companies and individualities.

He said that over the decades, Imran Niazi deceived people in the name of honesty, translucency and responsibility. The foreign backing verdict had busted his claims and showed him for what he actually was a con man, he said adding that the coalition government would take the verdict to its logical conclusion.

In another tweet, he said “ For 8 times, Imran Niazi used all means, fair & foul, to delay the judgment. It includes 9 desires in IHC & over 50 adjournments. For 5 times, he wilfully & deliberately submitted false affidavits. It’s proven now that PTI is a foreign- backed party without any shadow of mistrustfulness. ”

Independently, the Pakistan Democratic Movement( PDM) Thursday filed a reference with the Election Commission of Pakistan( ECP) to qualify PTI Chairman Imran Khan. The solicitation contends that the former premier didn’t declare the gifts entered from the Toshakhana in his means protestation and, thus, should be disqualified under Composition 62( 1)( f) of the Constitution the same provision under which former high minister Nawaz Sharif was disqualified in 2017.

The letter of recommendation was submitted by MNA Counsel Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha to Chief Electoral Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja and signed by other MPs including Agha Hassan Baloch, Salahuddin Ayubi, Ali Gohar Khan, Syed Rafiullah Agha and Saad Waseem Sheikh.

The citation calls on the ECP to disqualify Imran under Sections 2 and 3 of Article 63 of the Constitution. It includes documentary evidence supporting lawmakers’ claims against former Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Section 62(1)(f) states:

Similarly, section 63(2) states that: , Chairman, unless it is found that no such question has been asked, he must submit the question to the Electoral Commission within 30 days, and if he does not submit it within the above period, it shall be submitted to the Electoral Commission.

Section 63(3) states, “The Electoral Commission shall render a decision within ninety days after the matter has been received or deemed to have been received, If a Commissioner determines that he/she is disqualified, that Commissioner shall vacate the Member’s seat.”

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