Chinese envoy calls for trust-based ties with Korea

Chinese envoy calls for trust-based ties with Korea

Chinese Ambassador to Korea Xing Haiming, right, shakes hands with Korea’s National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo during a reception hosted by the embassy to commemorate the 30th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations at a hotel in Seoul, Monday. Courtesy of Embassy of China in Korea

Dignitaries celebrate 30th anniversary of Korea-China relations

By Kwon Mee-yoo

Since South Korea and China established diplomatic ties in 1992, relations between the two countries have been tested at times, especially in terms of security, as the two do not share the same perceptions. Despite their ups and downs, their relationship has lasted his 30 years.

Chinese Ambassador to Xing Haiming underscored the long-standing friendship between China and South Korea as the two countries celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations on Wednesday. At a reception held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, Shin said, “In the past 30 years, contrary to all odds, China-South Korea relations have developed to the fullest, and with different systems and ideologies, he said that the cooperation between the two countries has become a reality.” It became a model for.” Monday, by the Chinese Embassy.

Approximately 400 people from political, business and cultural circles attended the event and stressed the importance of the relationship between South Korea and China.

Ambassador Xing stressed the importance of honoring the commitments both countries made when they agreed to establish diplomatic relations 30 years ago.

“If China and South Korea maintain mutual respect and mutual trust and direct their respective efforts toward peace and friendship, we will achieve greater development in the next 30 years,” he said.

Guests attend a reception commemorating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and China at a hotel in Seoul, Monday. Courtesy of Embassy of China in Korea

National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo said during a congratulatory speech that Korea and China are inseparable partners.

“The establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and China back in 1992 was a wise decision. If the leaders of both countries had not made that bold decision to determine ties, the present Republic of Korea and the People`s Republic of China would not exist,” Kim said.

“Korea and China should expand strategic communications in additional areas including the economy, supply chains, health, global climate change and the environment and cooperate to bring peace and prosperity around the Korean peninsula,” he added.

Kim hoped for a visit by his counterpart, China’s top legislator Li Zhanshu, to Korea also to improve relations between the Korean and Chinese parliaments.

Deputy secretary of state for Political Affairs Yeo Seung-bae said the ministry will put efforts to develop Korea-China relations in a healthy way to achieve tangible results, quoting a Chinese phrase “harmony in diversity,” mentioned during the meeting of Korean and Chinese foreign ministers earlier this month.

“Korea and China will pursue cooperation supported the recognition of differences from a future-oriented perspective,” Yeo said.

Kim Han-kyu, president of the 21st Century South Korea-China Exchange Association, recalled his memories 30 years ago, when he bridged the 2 countries through people-to-people diplomacy. he’s known to have played a significant role in the establishment of Korea-China diplomatic relations.

“It only looks like yesterday when I attended the flag hoisting ceremony in Beijing on the day of the establishment of Korea-China relations as the sole Korean,” Kim said.

“If Korea and China seek solutions to varied issues in politics, diplomacy, economy and culture together, Korea-China relations will only flourish within the future,” he added.

Korea Enterprises Federation (KEF) Chairman Sohn Kyung-shik highlighted the many growth of trade between Korea and China since 1992.

“China is now Korea’s No. 1 trade partner and Korea is probably going to become China’s second largest trade partner. The fields of exchanges are expanding to new businesses, like artificial intelligence and robots,” Sohn said.

“People-to-people exchange is as important as dialogue between the governments,” he added.

Meanwhile, official ceremonies commemorating the 30th anniversary are going to be held Wednesday in Seoul and Beijing and the Korean and Chinese foreign ministers will attend the events, respectively.

Credit/Source : KOREATIMES

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