Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s’ take on autism spectrum becomes sensation

Actress Park Eun-bin plays the title role in ENA’s series, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which has become very popular recently. Courtesy of AStory, KT Studio Genie

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s’ take on autism spectrum becomes sensation

Popular drama takes ‘open-hearted approach’ to people with disabilities

By Lee Gyu-lee

Characters with Autism Spectrum Disorder occasionally appear in Korean dramas and movies. However, it seemed very rare to be the center of the show’s spotlight, as these characters are likely to be placed in supporting or supporting roles.

However, the extraordinary attorney Wu of the recent series not only challenged such a concept by starring an attorney on the autism spectrum, but it could also make the right notes and become a sensational series. I also proved that.

Local cable network ENA’s Regal Series is also streamed on Netflix and revolves around the character Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), an excellent and autistic newcomer to a major law firm. increase. After graduating from a prestigious law school in his class, Wu began his first job with the help of company staff, including paralegal Lee Jun-ho (Kang Tae-oh), as a challenge both inside and outside the courtroom. Overcome prejudice. Senior lawyer Jung Myung Seok (Kang Ki Young).

The 16 episode series started on June 29th with a 0.9% rating but quickly became a hot topic in the town when the rating soared to 9.6% in just six episodes last week.

The Heartfelt series surpassed Netflix’s official non-English top 10 charts the week after its premiere, recording approximately 24 million hours of viewing. His production company, A Story, announced last week that he was considering a remake proposal in the United States.

This series will also be adopted in webcomics and will be published worldwide in four languages: Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Pop culture critic Kim Hahn-sik explains that the series includes the uniqueness of the protagonist in the autism spectrum, as well as the entire package from character to plot to gain popularity.

“(Series) built the story as a legal drama from a female-centric perspective. It is considered one of the two major hit genres alongside medical dramas. And it represents a socially valuable character with a disability. And this character is not only attractive and adorable, unlike what was previously drawn (in the media), but also has the perspective that even people without disabilities can be involved, “he told The Korea Times.

“The protagonist is different from any other character you’ve ever seen. The autism spectrum brings uniqueness and uniqueness to the series. Sounds familiar, but it’s not. Writing a (story) is not easy. Still, the show has achieved it, and that’s what makes it different, “Kim said.

A scene from the series, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” / Courtesy of AStory, KT Studio Genie

In each episode, Wu encounters various proceedings and finds creative and extraordinary ways to avoid the cases.
This series invites viewers to Wu’s eccentric and affectionate world. This world is full of people who take care of them and the CGI of the whale, which is a favorite comfortable animal in the scene.

Despite her talent as a lawyer, she always faces obstacles and prejudices, but she manages to grow into a better lawyer.

The series’ author and writer, Moon Jiwon, said he wanted to take the viewer on a journey to meet “extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

“We usually classify atypical, unfamiliar, unique, eccentric, eerie, random, bizarre, and unconventional people as extraordinary. These people are nervous. It can cause and sometimes cause problems. But they can also change, enrich, and make our world a more interesting place to live, “she said in an interview published on the network.

“Through this series, we hope that people can experience the extraordinary energy radiated by such extraordinary people.”

critic Kim said that such a pleasing series is now full of blockbusters. He said it meets the needs of viewers in the content market. Dynamic genre.

“This series is a seijin-Shiki story, and overall, it’s filled with bright, real human stories, not negative emotions,” he said.

Series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” topped Netflix’s official non-English Top 10 chart in the first week of July. Courtesy of AStory, KT Studio Genie

A viewer of the series, named Jung (29), said she was following the drama because of the healing and heartwarming story of the show.

“The last show I watched was usually terrible and often portrayed people’s twisted desires and social injustices. It makes them interesting and intriguing, but it’s also you. It’s emotionally heavy, “she said.

“But there is nothing in’Woo Young-woo’, and in the case of leading the story, there is no such thing as absolute evil. Each person had a reason and a story, and I was able to sympathize with them and make them easier to see. ”

Despite the sensational popularity of the show, some people have expressed concern about portraying people with autism, and the unrealistic features of the story, such as the character’s outstanding career and court skills, are disability.

He points out that it falls short of a realistic portrayal of autism, saying that such criticism is needed for the media to move forward to improve the portrayal of people with disabilities.

“No matter how realistic the life of a person with a disability is, there is always criticism. People with disabilities also have different views on disability. So all we have to do is find some things in common, “he said.

“The problem is that if you’re too close to reality, you can’t see it in a healthy person. Then you can’t raise awareness . The priorities of a fictional drama can be seen by more people, even if it’s based on reality. And the important thing here is to continue to criticize, fix and fix minor glitches in this process, “Kim said.

A scene from the series, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” / Courtesy of AStory, KT Studio Genie


Kim added that Wu Young-woo’s focus is on making autism open to the public, and said the series takes a more straightforward approach to portray the reality of people with disabilities.

“The important thing is not how difficult the lives of people with disabilities are. It shows how they have changed and how people are about to change as social infrastructure and situations intervene. That’s important, “he said. “This series focuses on portraying multiple cases of such reality.”

He said that the success of the series gave an example of a continuous portrayal of people with disabilities in the media. I concluded by saying that it is important too.

“(In Korea) there were few series that delicately portrayed people with disabilities expressing their opinions and thoughts. So I think it’s very important in itself. It’s the fact that you can have a successful reaction at home and abroad while having a character with a disability, “he said.


Credit/Source : https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/art/2022/07/688_333101.html

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