Fixed sales tax on traders suspended

Fixed sales tax on traders suspended

Fixed sales tax on traders suspended.

PM Shehbaz Sharif has directed the FBR to immediately suspend collection of fixed sales tax through electricity bills from small traders and retailers

Lahore – Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif has urged the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to immediately stop collecting fixed turnover tax on utility bills from small merchants and retailers and for that purpose to consult with merchants to establish a new tax system. I ordered to create a roadmap.

He presided over the meeting on Saturday, where he issued these directives in considering the collection of sales tax on electricity and utility bills. “Charging shopkeepers/retailers with increased consumption tax rates other than agreed utility bills needs to be investigated,” he said. He said trader representatives should be involved.

This development comes after the government decided to lift the fixed tax rate on his yearly utility bills on August 4th. After meeting in Ismail, Mikhta Ismail said the breakthrough had come after three days of talks between the government and the trade community, which had been protesting the tariffs since July 1.

Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif said , reiterates its commitment to take all possible measures to ensure the economic security of the poor, and urges all parties to immediately complete an effective electricity tariff reduction mechanism to ease the burden on the people. ordered the ministry.

The meeting was attended by Energy Minister Kurlam Dastagir, his Finance Minister Ismail Mikhta and State Minister for Petroleum. It was attended by FBR Chairman Musadiq Malik, the responsible federal secretary, and other dignitaries.

Receiving taxes from merchants on utility bills was one of the provisions in the Finance Act 2022 he passed in parliament on July 29, prompting municipalities to protest the changes.

Separately, Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif dissolved the Pakistan Medical Commission, set up by former Pakistani government Teherik-e-Insaf (PTI), over allegations of corruption.

Prime Minister Shehbaz dissolved his PMC and suspended all officials, according to a federal government announcement. The prime minister has decided in principle to investigate the commission’s work following reports of alleged corruption by the commission.New members will be selected by Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif, according to official sources.

However, this decision will not affect his MDCAT and other medical investigations by PMC in the coming days, according to the announcement. The MDCAT test will be administered according to schedule and the test date will not change.

It should be noted that the civil government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had abolished the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council( PMDC) and created the PMC in 2020.

numerous scholars and croakers
, including the youthful Croakers Association, had recorded kick against the contended corruption by the PMC chairman, vice chairman and other authorities.
Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel had demanded the civil government to dissolve the PMC and restore the PMDC a many weeks agone

M Waqar Bhatti adds Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has removed the chairman and vice chairman of Pakistan Medical Commission( PMC) by withdrawing the nominations of all members of the Medical and Dental Council of PMC through a announcement, said officers in the National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination on Saturday.

There were rumours regarding establishment of an interim Medical and Dental Council comprising seven new members in addition to surgeon general of Pakistan fortified forces and civil clerk health to run the affairs of the health nonsupervisory authority of Pakistan, but it couldn’t be verified. “ In exercise of powers conferred by Pakistan Medical Commission Act 2020, the nominating/ appointing authority, i.e. Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is pleased to withdraw the nominations of all members of the Medical and Dental Council notified on September 25, 2020 with immediate effect, ” a announcement dated August 19 said.

As per the Pakistan Medical Commission Act 2020, the Medical and Dental Council of PMC is nominated by the high minister as the president of the commission and following these nominations, council members handpick their chairman and vice chairman. The junking of the current PMC leadership, including its council members, was on the cards since the coalition government took over as one of the main abettors of the government, the Pakistan Peoples Party( PPP) wasn’t satisfied with the conduct of the PMC leadership, especially pass chance of MDCAT, National Licensing test( NLE) and ‘ inflexible ’ programs of the PMC leadership.

PMC President Dr Arshad Taqi said he wasn’t officially communicated as Saturday was a vacation and they didn’t admit any announcement on Friday. He added that it was “ the high minister’s right ” to remove the PMC leadership byde-notifying the Medical and Dental Council and appoint new council members as per the PMC Act 2020.
“ also, I ’m not apprehensive if the names of new council members have been notified or not. There’s a summary circulating on social media with some names as new members of the Medical and Dental Council of PMC. Whether there’s a announcement issued in this regard is unknown, ” Taqi, now the former chairman of the PMC, told The News.

The former PMC president claimed he was relieved to informally learn of his dismissal, but he added he was also concerned about moves to improve medical education in the country. We had just started the accreditation process with the Federation of Education (WFME) and several other international accreditation bodies.This process took 12-18 months.Now with new leadership and new policies it could be delayed.

There have been mixed reactions to the dismissal of the current PMC leadership, as leaders and owners of some private medical colleges called it a good decision. was. to degrade.

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