Flash floods destroy 54 bridges, 50 hotels in Hazara and Malakand

Flash floods destroy 54 bridges, 50 hotels in Hazara and Malakand

(Clockwise from left) Members of a family try to secure household items in their flooded house in Sardaryab area of Charsadda district on Saturday. People wade through floodwater after leaving their homes. A man carries a calf on his shoulders on a road. A motorcycle-rickshaw shifts goods of a family in Shabqadar area.

SWAT/MANSEHRA/LOWER DIR: Since 25 August, flash floods have destroyed 490 homes, 50 hotels, 40 schools, 54 bridges, access roads, 200 riverbank outcrops and dozens of vehicles. attacked Saturday.

The Swat government reported that 233 homes, 41 schools, 50 hotels and 24 bridges were destroyed in the past three days of heavy flooding.

Officials said the floods also destroyed a total of 130 kilometers of roads in the county.

They said more than 1,000 tourists stranded in the Kalam and Bahrain regions have been evacuated by helicopter to return safely to their respective areas.

Officials also said the administration had begun rehabilitation efforts in the district while teams drained floodwaters and vaccinated livestock against the disease.

Information Director Arshad Khan said about 10 tons of food had been delivered to people in the district. Karam residents feared further flooding.

The Frontier Works Organization said he in the Mansehra district was busy clearing the closed section of the Karakoram Highway to restore traffic between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Residents of disaster-hit Manur, Mahhandri and other areas of the Kagan Valley complained of delays in starting relief efforts.

The Lower Dir government said the damaged section of the Timgala-Peshawar road in the Zuram area had been repaired before it was partially reopened for small vehicles. Meanwhile, Rescue 1122 workers saved the life of a man trapped in the river Kunai in the Takatak district of the Lower Dir, and three people were captured trapped in a building on the banks of the river Panjikora in the Baba of the Zwor district.

Flash floods destroy 54 bridges, 50 hotels in Hazara and Malakand

According to Abdur Rehman of Rescue 1122, the organization has killed 20 people in the past two days from the flooded Talash river, three from the Panjkora river in the Zwal Baba area, one from the Maidan river, 12 from a private hostel in Timemergara and Timggara. A private university teacher and three students recovered 10 bodies, including seven children, two women and one man, from collapsed roof debris in different parts of the district.

The district administration has reported the rescue of two of his people stranded on the Kulm River in Vannes. The two were said to have been stranded in the river for four hours as they crossed in search of firewood.

Deputy Chief of Staff Saeed Abrar Ali Shah led a rescue party and took the two men to safety.

Lakki Marwat Vice Chairman Shakil Ahmad presented compensation checks to families affected by the floods. A minor male member of the family died in a flash flood in the Bethany tribal area. He also gave her her food and non-food items.

The AC said detailed studies were being conducted in the area to assess flood damage and produce a comprehensive report for immediate compensation to victims.

He also said the regime had moved nine families into government buildings and provided them with food and non-food items.


PUC Suggests APC


Meanwhile, 90 people trapped in the middle of the Indus Mountains in the Hund region have been rescued, retired Swabian deputy commissioner Captain Sanaura said in a social media message on Saturday. He said those stranded included the elderly, children and women.

DC reported high levels of flooding in the Kabul River and said many families were fleeing surrounding areas for fear of rising water levels.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mahmoud Khan has appointed Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Shahram Khan Talakay as the government’s focal point for relief efforts in the district.

Also on that day, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, chief of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl, urged relevant authorities to evacuate people stranded in flood-affected areas as soon as possible and to deliver relief supplies to them. requested to ensure

He also appealed to people to help the disaster victims with money and kindness. During visits to Yariq, Mukem Shah, Pusha Bridge and other areas of Dera Ismail Khan District, JUI-F Chiefs have been working with local governments and central governments to use all resources and government agencies to ensure flash He said families affected by the disease should be supported and rehabilitated. flood.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Karim Khan Kundi, his PPP deputy chairman of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa parliament, has been involved in relief efforts in the village of Buddha, which was worst hit by the flash flood.

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