Foreign funding probe: Accounts of four PTI employees unearthed

Foreign funding probe: Accounts of four PTI employees unearthed

An exterior shot of the FIA headquarters

Peshawar/Karachi: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has first identified four Pakistan Terek Einsaf (PTI) Secretariat officials whose personal and salary accounts were used to obtain foreign funds.

The agency said the money was deposited into the bank accounts of Muhammad Arshad, Tahir Iqbal, Muhammad Rafiq and Nauman Afzal. The employees said in a statement that they passed the money received on their accounts to his PTI financial manager. They said they would give the signed blank check to the finance manager.

But they said they knew nothing about the funding source. They didn’t know who was depositing money into their accounts or where the money withdrawn from their accounts was being spent. During the investigation, the FIA ​​learned that foreign funds were entered into employees’ payroll accounts, among others.

On Saturday, the FIA ​​launched a nationwide investigation – launched the day before – of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s use of funds from ‘prohibited’ sources.

Earlier, a decision by the Pakistan Electoral Commission (ECP) said the party had secured illegal donations.

A state of emergency has been declared with the FIA ​​to quickly investigate the incident and resolve it as soon as possible, according to official sources. A total of six surveys were launched simultaneously in major cities including the federal capital Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi.

FIA officials have identified 13 accounts to which these funds were transferred and have issued notices to the banks where these accounts were held.

The Court has ordered these banks to turn over full bank account details to the FIA ​​to assist the investigation team’s investigation.

The investigation was initiated following a letter from PTI founding member Akbar S. Babar requesting an investigation of parties who received funds from accounts opened on behalf of employees.

The investigative agency also summoned former Speaker of Parliament and his senior PTI leader Asad Kaiser and Minister of Punjab Mian Mahmudur Rashid, as well as nine of his others.

On Friday, the FIA ​​called four staff members of the PTI Secretariat to investigate money laundering and misappropriation of funds, and statements by these staff members were recorded.

PTI Chairman Imran’s personal secretary and four of his staff said in a statement they were unaware of the source of the funding. They didn’t know who deposited funds into their accounts, withdrew funds from their bank accounts, and where the funds were spent.

Assad Kaiser confirmed that he had been contacted by the FIA, writing on Twitter: “I would like to say to the ‘imported’ governments that we are not afraid of such dirty tricks.

“‘Imported’ governments should avoid using state institutions for political retaliation,” he said, advising them to sow as much seed as they can later harvest. His FIA office in Peshawar summoned Assad his Kaiser at 2pm on Thursday 11 August.

A notice sent to the former chairman stated that according to the ruling in the Akbar S. Babal case, Assad Kaiser had two bank accounts, which he was involved in maintaining. It is As such, he was asked to appear before an investigative team and answer questions about his bank account details.

According to sources, the FIA ​​has set up his five Commissions of Inquiry, each consisting of his three members, in different cities, while the Coordination Commission has been set up at headquarters. According to
sources, the commission will proceed with the investigation as directed by the ECP. A Service Description (ToR) has been issued for this purpose.

FIA Secretary General Mohsin Butt directs all investigations. At Karachi, the FIA ​​has assembled Deputy Director Rauf Sheikh under Bank Circle Deputy Director Rabi Qureshi, his five-man team consisting of Deputy Director Rauf Sheikh, Inspectors Sabine Gauri and Aftabwatu and Deputy Inspector Rahat Khan.

The Committee was instructed to investigate financial companies, individual bank accounts, and other financial details, which were later shared with the Central Committee formed at headquarters.

FIA Sindh also took action and issued a notice to former Sindh governors Imran Ismael and Seema Zia.
Akbar S Babal formally approached the FIA ​​on Wednesday to launch an investigation into the PTI.

He told his FIA that in 2011 he illegally allowed his CFO of PTI to collect domestic and international donations in personal accounts to his four employees in the party’s Central Secretariat. I told you.

total of Rs 11.14 billion were credited to his PTI employee accounts, which exceeded their known sources of income, Akbar Babar said in the letter.

Meanwhile, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Mariyum Aurangzeb on Saturday accused Imran of trying to sabotage democracy, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the national economy in exchange for foreign money the PTI received over the past decade. blamed Khan.

“The conspiracy project created by Imran Khan was carried out in the country through foreign funds received by his party at various times, including 2008-13, 2013-18 and 2018-22. ” she said at a press conference. Prime Minister’s Economic and Energy Coordinator Bilal Azhar Kayani.

She said Imran Khan in 2013, under a project that came into force in 2008, sought to undermine the parliamentary system and CPEC democracy by creating political instability in the country.

“These were the milestones, delivery points and pledges that Imran Khan made to donors in exchange for foreign funding,” she said, adding that supporters of the PTI chief were asking where the funds were spent. I added that I should ask him how much.

She claimed that Imran Khan had made a mistake in approving the appointment of Sikander Sultan Raja as chief electoral commissioner, but said that in fact there had been a big mistake. He said it was unfair to compare Imran Khan with Nawaz Sharif, who as prime minister eliminated terrorists, guaranteed 6% economic growth, created huge job opportunities for young people,

She explained the reasons behind the “Imran Project” where cashmere was sold, the CPEC project was halted and the country experienced negative economic growth.

Imran Khan has put young people out of work, caused anarchy and political instability, and imprisoned the media during his reign, she added.

People needed to understand that Imran Khan was responsible for the current crisis created to meet her obligations to foreign caregivers.

She was banned from funding the PTI After the verdict of the Pakistan Electoral Commission in the case, it said the so-called true and honest Imran Khan was miserably exposed in front of the nation.

“Foreign agent political parties have been declared ‘foreign aid parties’ under the Political Parties Ordinance 2002 and the Elections Act 2017,” she noted.

Minister said Imran Khan constantly lied about the cases investigated by his ECP for eight years and tried to mislead the country.

She said the PTI chairman had “knowingly” and “knowingly” obtained prohibited funds from a number of foreign companies and individuals, and that he himself had submitted false affidavits to the ECP five times. admitted in
Marriyum said Imran Khan accused others of corruption and called them thieves, but when his robberies came to the fore he tried to give it a technical side. He was naive about his party’s funding, calling it a technical problem.

“This is not a technical issue, it is an open and closed case of foreign funding as you cannot receive assistance from foreign governments, individuals or corporations under the Political Parties Regulations 2002,” she said. added that the PTI had covered it up. A bank account that receives funds from abroad.

“This is embezzlement because Imran Khan used the donation for political and personal purposes,” she said, noting that the PTI had opened an undeclared bank account on behalf of the Party Secretariat staff. pointed out. 4,444 people need to understand that this is not a matter between her PTI and her PMLN, but between the former prime minister, the National Bank of Pakistan and the ECP, she said.

The foreign funding lawsuit was brought by its member, Akbar S Babar, and the PMLN has nothing to do with the matter, she added.

The Minister said Imran Khan remained a major obstacle in the process of foreign funding, as the ECP said in its decision that “worst violations of rights have been committed”.

She said Imran Khan, who received funds and charities from foreign Pakistanis for flood relief efforts and other natural disasters, spent them for personal and political purposes. PTI leaders, including Imran Khan, said they were signatories of funds received by his party in undeclared bank accounts.

“Details of PTI’s foreign funding and undeclared bank accounts have been uncovered. Imran Khan has been declared a criminal and the veil of ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Amin’ has been removed from his face,” she added. I have not denied receiving any money from (Indian businessman) and Wootton Cricket Limited,” she said, accusing her of publishing fake interviews with overseas Pakistanis spent by her supporters. Blame the PTI. on his social his media accounts.

She asked Imran Khan to publish interviews of Arif Naqvi and other foreigners and office workers who sent dollars, pounds and other currencies to fund his party.

Arif Naqvi was presented as a front figure to disguise the identities of other foreign sources, she added.
PTI said that as of 2013, she received funding from Wootton Cricket Limited, Bristol Engineering Services, and Eplanet Trustees, and the company incorporated in the United States had 34 foreign nationals. was included, she added.

She said PTI claimed to have opened two LLCs overseas, including LLC 5975 and LLC 6160. There were other companies that PTI set up to raise foreign capital. She said the funds she had received from 31 companies, but Imran consistently showed ignorance of the prohibited funding: “There were no formalities when the donations were used for political purposes.” ‘ she added.

She said the PTI had disclosed the names of frontline figures who had raised funds from various countries.Videos of her are on record, she added.

Imran Khan committed crimes proven by the National Bank of Pakistan and the ECP, the minister said.
Imran Khan never informed the ECP that he had received funds into the accounts of the Party Secretariat employees, including Muhammad Arshad, Tahir Iqbal, Muhammad Rafiq and Nauman Afzal. There are 4,444 FIA investigations underway and conducted in a transparent manner, she added. In this case, Imran Khan and members of the CFO were co-signatories to those accounts.

The Minister also mentioned the names of foreign donors including Mukesh Kanda, Charn Jeet Singh, Charles, Michael and others. Ironically, his party continued to receive funding, but Imran Khan didn’t know.
She said Imran Khan started the regime change story to cover up his corruption that turned the Bani Gala into a ‘money gala’.

“Enough is enough. Now that the foreign agents have been arrested and the PTI has been declared foreign-backed, this drama must end,” she said.

She said that it was only a small part of Imran Khan’s foreign funding and until 2013 the ECP made a decision on Akbar S. Babal’s petition until the submitted funds were received. He said the full film has not yet been released.

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