Fuel price hike: Unusual clash between London PMLN, Islamabad PMLN

Fuel price hike: Unusual clash between London PMLN, Islamabad PMLN

A photo from the meeting of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif with PM Shehbaz Sharif and delegation. — Twitter

Islamabad: Unusual clashes broke out between the London PMLN and Islamabad PMLN on Tuesday night over the economic handling of Shebaz Sharif’s government at a party convention attended by Mian Nawaz Sharif via video link from London decided to leave.

PMLN sources said his Mian Nawaz Sharif, backed by Ishaq Dar, is against the petrol price hike. Miftah Ismail and Shahid Abbasi believed that the country’s economic situation was fragile and needed careful management.
The PMLN Islamabad leader said the government should not be pressured by the PMLN in London over economic decisions so that he would not spoil the IMF deal with Pakistan.

London’s PMLN had complained that the government could have done a better deal with the IMF, but he would either return to Pakistan and take responsibility or let Islamabad decide. I was recommended one of
It has been noted that there is a clear mechanism for checking gasoline prices, no government involvement, and falsification of it could cause serious problems.

After these discussions, Nawaz Sharif chose to withdraw from the meeting, arguing that he could not participate in such government decisions. Such controversy has rarely been seen before. According to sources, the language used in these discussions against the London PMLN was inappropriate and Nawaz he angered Sharif.

Interestingly, it was Mariam Nawaz who announced in a tweet on Tuesday night that Mian Nawaz Sharif strongly opposed the government’s decision to raise petrol prices. She said Nawaz Sharif had even said that he would not accept a one yen increase and that if the government were to be detained, he would not be involved in the decision. Maryam added that Nawaz Sharif left the conference later.

Mariam did not speak on the controversy, but sources said what the PMLN witnessed last night was the result of disagreements within the party over the country’s economic management. In an earlier tweet, Mariium refused a raise, saying she could not support the government’s decision.

Since Mikhta took office as Minister of Finance, it has indeed been a clash between two camps – the Ishaqdar camp and Mikhta his Ismail camp. Nawaz Sharif largely agrees with Ishaq Dar on the country’s economy, but Shebaz Sharif trusts Mikhta Ismail, who is fully backed by Shahid Abbasi.

Independent sources said a rise in oil prices was inevitable given the prices bought in the international market. I was warned that Violation of the agreement would be a huge blow to Pakistan and its economy.

As Islamabad seeks to revive its bailout package to Pakistan pending approval by the IMF Executive Board, deviations such as oil price subsidies and compromised oil surcharges agreed with the IMF have pushed Pakistan into a deep economic crisis. It is said that it means to push. crisis.

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