Gill sent to Capital after Centre-Punjab row

Gill sent to Capital after Centre-Punjab row
Islamabad Police presents PTI senior leader Shahbaz Gill before a local court.

Gill sent to Capital after Centre-Punjab row

Islamabad Police presents PTI senior leader Shahbaz Gill before a local court.

ISLAMABAD: After violent confrontations between Islamabad police and Rawalpindi over the detention of Shahbaz Gil, Adiala prison authorities handed over the custody of the PTI leader to the former on Wednesday night. The major drama ended after the federal government announced it would send rangers to take Gil into custody.

I got out of prison on It was further found that Gil was taken to PIMS for medical evaluation and then transferred to the police station, Geo News reported Wednesday. handed over. Citing a document previously available from Geo News titled “Emergency Shifting,” sources said following Gill’s investigation, doctors at Adiara Prison and relevant authorities moved the PTI chief to DHQ Hospital, Rawalpindi. I was instructed to do so.

As per instructions, Islamabad Police and Rawalpindi Police arrived at Adiara Prison and transferred Gil. However, he refused to go with the former. This caused hours of drama between the two law enforcement agencies.
Rawalpindi police insisted on transferring Gil to his DHQ hospital and Islamabad police insisted on transferring his PTI leader to the federal capital as per court order. Additional Islamabad police officers were summoned to jail after the controversy.

Sources at Prison revealed that Gil had complained of difficulty breathing and feeling unwell after being allegedly tortured and was then transferred to the Prison Hospital for examination. Meanwhile, according to a source, PTI chairman Imran Khan asked to create an emergency-like situation so that Gil could be transferred to a hospital.Jail officials said Islamabad’s medical team was working at Adiara Prison. He said detainees in Adiara Prison would be tested at the DHQ hospital because they could not be tested.

Meanwhile, following reports of a deteriorating situation, the Home Office summoned the Rangers and her FC to carry out the court order. Former intelligence minister Fawad Chaudhry said halting the progress of the “kidnapping” and obtaining certificates from the agency of his choice did not violate the law. “Pakistan is currently facing the worst of fascism. Workers should be prepared for any situation,” he wrote on Twitter.

Fawad Chaudhry also criticized the order, stating that “a judge who detains a political collaborator for torture is a criminal, even if he knows everything.” He said nothing compared to the “total destruction” of human rights in Pakistan. He said Gil was taken into police custody for “torture” rather than interrogation.

After the development, PTI said on his official Twitter handle that he was transferred to PIMS in an ambulance wearing an oxygen mask. I shared Gil’s video. “Pakistan is experiencing the worst of fascism,” says the video.

Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan on Wednesday was very concerned that Shahbaz Gill was being taken back into police custody and violently received false statements from him. said it was part of a plan to target his party. In a message on the :

Twitter account, he said: “I am very concerned that Shahbaz Gill is being detained.
Imran said, “This is part of a conspiracy. Likewise, they are targeting me and PTI by forcibly obtaining false statements against us: “This is absolutely unacceptable. We will take all legal and political measures to counter not only this torture inflicted on Shahbaz Gill, but also such unconstitutional and outrageous measures planned against us.

Meanwhile, Information Minister Mariyum Aurangzeb accused the PTI chairman of grossly violating court orders and putting undue pressure on the Punjab bureaucracy over Shahbaz Gill’s detention.
Speaking to her journalists, she said her PTI chairman flouted all the laws and the party used every tactic to protect Gil from investigation. A police spokesman denied all allegations against Islamabad police and said Gil was never beaten in his custody. A spokesperson said Jill underwent regular medical examinations on orders from the court and judges to prove she had not been tortured.

In response to the Information Minister’s allegations, PTI leader Farrukh Habib claimed that Marriyum was tasked with spreading propaganda. “She should first comment on the party leader who is currently being summoned to court,” she said, adding that it was Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shabaz who violated the court’s order.

Recalling that both PMLN leaders were “coerced” into the state on the day of the indictment, he asked, “Was this in compliance with the law?” accused them of breaking the law, referring to them lying and leaving. Country. “Khan never encouraged anyone to break the law,” said the PTI leader, adding that their plan was to use torture to force Gil to testify against Khan.

Other PTI leaders also reacted sharply to the Islamabad Regional and Circuit Court’s approval of a police request for 48 hours of pretrial detention for Shahbaz Gill in a hate speech case against him.

PTI Senator Faisal Javed, however, called Shabazz Gill’s testimony a “disgusting” mistake and endorsed the action against him. Expressing his views in the Senate on Wednesday, he said action must be taken against Gill. should not have issued a statement,” he explained. The Senator said Shabazz Gill’s testimony was unacceptable. should be,” he said.

“We condemn the treatment of Gil and this House of Commons should condemn it,” Javed said in a speech.Also, PTI Executive Director Asad Umar tweeted that he insisted on a physical examination of Gil. He said the reason was “further torture” because police confiscated his phone at the time of his arrest. “[I] met Shabazz Gil in Adiara. [His] spirit is exalted.

At a press conference, Asad Umar said the parties had provided evidence of Gil’s alleged torture to the court. “They (the coalition) want to get an explanation by torturing Gill and we want to make it public,” Umar added. He said he was tortured after being remanded to custody and pressured to give a statement he did not give.

He said in a media briefing with former NA spokesman Asad Qaiser and former defense minister Pervaiz Khattak that he was granted pre-trial detention and released from Islamabad police custody after pre-trial detention.

He said that before there were only narrations, rallies and protests, but the way the whole country came out in the by-elections and voted for the PTI shook those people (rulers). Now unable to confront Khan politically, imported governments are doing their best to create narratives to control him, and Shahbaz Gil’s violence is also part of this movement. , By all accounts Pakistan’s strongest leader, largest party, Pakistan’s most organized institution should clash with each other,” he demanded.

“Their attempts will not succeed, but such attempts would also undermine Pakistan. Only organized this country, and today people who speak all languages ​​support the PTI,” he argued.

When asked, he said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) cannot interfere with election law, which PTI also challenged in court. He believed that the statement in which Shahbaz Gill was accused was less dangerous than that of Nawaz Sharif and Mariam Nawaz, who were clearly against the military, so the law should be the same for everyone. “But we don’t want them to be tortured like Shabazz Gill. But cases should be registered against them as well,” he demanded.

There is a court forum to decide what Shahbaz Gill said, he stressed, and said questions should be asked and there was no need for a secret meeting.
In a Twitter post, PTI leader Shireen Mazari said: First “kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location”, later he was taken to a CIA cell.

She explained that pretrial detention in police custody after being granted pretrial detention was a “rare” occurrence. “Pakistan’s conversion to fascism is progressing rapidly, but we will do everything in our power to resist it,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan People’s Party accused Imran Khan of conspiring to facilitate Shehbaz Gil’s exodus from the country. “Shahbaz Gil is the perpetrator in the eyes of the Islamabad police, he was kidnapped with the help of the Punjab police and Imran Khan is trying to spread chaos and unrest in the country. Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi to oppose the decision,” said the Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Security and information secretary to PPP MP Shazia Atta Marri.

She said Imran Khan does not believe in the constitution and does not follow the laws of the country. She said the banned foreign funds received by Imran Khan are now having repercussions, proving that Imran Khan’s foreign funds are destined to spread chaos in the country.

SAPM Atta Tarar also said Shahbaz Gill was imprisoned in Adiala prison, which was under the control of the Punjab government. Therefore, his CM and Home Minister of Punjab should be held accountable for Shabazgir’s torture.

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