Gov’t to launch research department to improve refugee screening

Gov’t to launch research department to improve refugee screening

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon speaks during a National Assembly session, July 28. Joint Press Corps

By Lee Hyo-jin

The Ministry of Justice will establish a new department specializing in collecting and analyzing data on human rights, security and political conditions in crisis-prone countries to ensure the fairness and transparency of South Korea’s refugee screening process.

Gov’t to launch research department to improve refugee screening

The Department recently announced plans to investigate overseas cases of the operation of the Country of Origin Information Agency (COI). Based on this, we will present a detailed plan for the establishment of a new organization.

COI is a term that refers to accurate, reliable and up-to-date information about third countries used by asylum and immigration authorities to make accurate and fair decisions in asylum proceedings.

After the establishment of , the organization will comprehensively address the human rights and security issues, political situation, legal system and cultural aspects of the homeland of asylum seekers in South Korea.

Currently, the ministry has staff in charge of gathering information on four regions: Southeast Asia, Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, but authorities have not been able to conduct a comprehensive investigation due to a shortage of staff.

Refugee rights groups here have long pointed out that there is no objective data to measure the risk of persecution in each applicant’s home country, partly because South Korea’s refugee acceptance rate is as low as 1.3%. I have done it.

At a policy briefing with President Yoon Suk-yul on July 26, Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon said the country’s immigration and refugee policy is one of the key areas his ministry is working on.  He emphasized implementing a balanced and stable border control policy and said he would set up a control tower to address immigration-related measures.


Credit/Source : KoreaTimes

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