Hana Financial Group partners with SK Telecom in finance, ESG

Hana Financial Group partners with SK Telecom in finance, ESG

Hana Financial Group partners
Hana Financial Group Chairman Ham Young-joo, left, shakes hands with SK Telecom CEO Ryu Young-sang, after signing a strategic partnership at the latter’s headquarters in Seoul, Friday. Courtesy of Hana Financial Group

By Lee Min-hyung

Hana Financial Group has clinched a strategic partnership with SK Telecom to develop new business models in finance that use state-of-the-art technologies.

Both companies exchanged shares worth 400 billion won ($305 million), as part of their first step to carry out a broader range of joint projects, they said Sunday, amid the government`s push for policies that increasingly allow the financial and non-financial areas to converge.

The nation`s largest mobile carrier acquired Hana Financial shares worth 330 billion won. This move made SK Telecom secure a 3.1-percent stake in the financial holding firm as of closing on Friday.

In response, Hana Card, a 100-percent subsidiary of Hana Financial Group, also purchased SK Telecom shares worth 68.4 billion won.

The Strategic Alliance aims to accelerate joint progress in the digital transformation of finance. Hana Finance aims to innovate financial services by leveraging SK Telecom’s artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing expertise.
They plan to introduce many new services, including B. AI Contact Center.

AI chatbots communicate with clients to provide them with real-time, updated investment information. Hana is also considering the introduction of special financial products such as credit cards and insurance that will benefit SK Telecom’s customers.

SK Telecom has announced plans to open Hana’s online sales office on the Metaverse platform provided by mobile operators.

Regarding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management, they also agreed to create more social value by investing more in promising start-ups and projects for young people.

“Hana Financial Group and SK Telecom will build their ESG ecosystem where vulnerable start-ups and teenagers can thrive together,” said a Hana official. “We carry out many programs to create more social value by leveraging our financial and technical capabilities.”

For example, two companies are teenagers on the Metaverse platform. We plan to jointly implement a financial education program. We also offer a variety of startup investment programs.

“Hana Financial Group and SK Telecom will extend the scope of their partnership not only in the area of ​​digital transformation but also in the area of ​​ESG,” said Hana Financial Group Chairman Ham Young-ju.

Ham was at the heart of Hana’s digital transformation even before he became chairman of the new Treasury Group in March. Since he was Vice Chairman of Hana, he has emphasized the importance of a group that preemptively adopts its digital strategy called “Beyond Finance.” “Partnerships will be a major turning point in driving innovations of value to our customers,” said Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SK Telecom. Related activities.


Credit/Source : KoreaTimes

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