ICC, UNICEF launch partnership to promote gender equality through cricket

ICC, UNICEF launch partnership to promote gender equality through cricket


The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced on Friday that it has launched a global partnership with the humanitarian aid organization, UNICEF, to empower women and girls and to advance inclusion and gender equality through cricket

The relationship will be built on initiatives to promote more gender equity and advocacy campaigns involving some of the top cricketers in the world. Its goal is to harness the power of cricket to bring about positive social change.

Later this year, UNICEF and the ICC will introduce “Criiio 4 Good,” a cricket for development curriculum that gives girls and boys the chance to enjoy their first game experience while learning gender-based life skills crucial for gender equity.

“The Criiio 4 Good programme, which will be available free on the ICC and UNICEF websites, delivers an eight-week lesson plan on the fundamentals of batting, bowling, and fielding. Whilst each lesson plan has a life-skill module attached to teach participants core life skills that will promote greater gender equity. These skills include leadership, problem-solving, self-esteem, negotiation, empathy, decision-making, teamwork, and goal setting,” said the ICC.

“The ICC will also use its global platform to drive greater awareness of the importance of empowering women and girls and gender equity, giving some of the world’s best players the opportunity to get involved in driving greater social change,” it added.

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