In unanimous verdict, ECP rules PTI received prohibited funds from foreign nationals

In unanimous verdict, ECP rules PTI received prohibited funds from foreign nationals

PTI Chairman Imran Khan speaks at an event in Islamabad.

Islamabad: The Pakistan Electoral Commission (ECP) unanimously decided on Tuesday that the PTI is receiving funds from prohibited sources. In unanimous verdict, ECP rules PTI received prohibited funds from foreign nationals

In its ruling, the ECP said the party violated the constitution and he received funds from 34 foreigners. The party has received funding from the United States, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

The party received funding from US businessmen, she added. The Party said it received funds from US businessmen, adding that “during the investigation into the PTI funding case, 13 unidentified accounts were also uncovered.” PTI chairman Imran Khan has submitted an incorrect F1 form to the ECP, he added.

Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja and his three-man bench consisting of his ECP members Nisar Ahmed Durrani and Shah Muhammad Jatoi announced the verdict.

“The Commission is satisfied that the Respondent received donations and donations from prohibited sources,” the decision said.

Key points of the ECP order

1) PTI Pakistan knowingly and knowingly received donations from Wootton Cricket Limited, registered in the Cayman Islands. Wootton Cricket Limited was operated and owned by businessman Arif Masood Naqvi, owner of the Abraj Group. Defendant happily received $2,121,500 in prohibited funds.

2) PTI Pakistan has knowingly and intentionally made a donation amounting to US$49,965 from Bristol Engineering Services (a company based in the United Arab Emirates) in a Pakistani account which is prohibited in violation of Pakistani law. received.

3) PTI Pakistan has acquired willfully and intentionally from E-Planet Trustees, his Pvt registered trust company of Cayman Island based in Zurich, Switzerland, and SS Marketing of Manchester, Pvt’s company based in the United Kingdom. received donations. An amount of US$101,741 was deposited by both companies into Pakistani accounts, which is subject to bans and violations of Pakistani law.

4) PTI Pakistan, through PTI USA LLC-6160 and PTI USA LLC-5975, knowingly and willingly received a contribution of US$2,525,500/-. Funds received by both companies into PTI Pakistan accounts are prohibited and are in violation of Pakistani law.

5) PTI Pakistan, through PTI Canada Corporation and PTI UK Public Limited Company, knowingly and willingly received donations of USD 279,822 and GBP 792,265 respectively. In addition, PTI Canada Corporation donated PKR 3,581,186/- to PTI Pakistan. Contributions received from both companies on PTI Pakistan accounts are prohibited and violate Pakistani law.

In unanimous verdict, ECP rules PTI received prohibited funds from foreign nationals

6) PTI Pakistan has knowingly and willingly received donations totaling Rs.689,750 from Dunpec Pty Ltd, an Australian based company, Anwar Brothers, Zain Cotton and Young Sports (a Pakistan based company). rice field. Funds received in PTI Pakistan accounts from both companies are prohibited and are in violation of Pakistani law.

7) PTI Pakistan received donations from 34 foreigners and 351 foreign companies through fundraising activities of PTI USA LLC-6160 and PTI USA LLC-5975. Collecting donations or donations from foreigners or foreign companies is prohibited and is against Pakistani law.

8) PTI Pakistan was also identified as a beneficiary of a donation from her Ms. Romita Shetty, a US-based businesswoman from India. The US$13,750 donated by Romita Shetty falls under the foreign donation ban and violates Pakistan law.

9) PTI, through submissions to the Commission, acknowledged her ownership of only 8 accounts, but declared 13 accounts as unknown and not belonging to any PTI account. According to data obtained by SBP, all 13 accounts denied by PTI were opened and operated by PTI’s top management and leadership at central and state levels. In this regard, it added that the PTI did not mention or disclose the three accounts run by the party’s supreme leader. PTI’s non-disclosure and concealment of 16 bank accounts is a gross misreporting by the PTI leadership and violates Article 17(3) of the Constitution of Pakistan.

10) For the financial years 2008-09 to 2012-13 (five years) he is the Chairman of PTI, based on the financial statements and other materials this Committee has obtained from his SBP, that they are materially inaccurate. I have submitted Form I with on record.

“Accordingly, in light of the material on file and the discussion above, the matter falls within the scope of Article 6(3) PPO 2002. I order that the above prohibited funds should not be confiscated. The Secretariat is also directed to take all other legislative action in the light of this Commission Order.


After the explosive Financial Times article revealing PTI’s sources of funding, calls for a sentencing hearing in this important case increased.

The Electoral Authority overturned his ruling on June 21 of this year, after a record eight years, making it a unique case in the history of the country. The petition was filed in November 2014 by Akbar S. Babar, one of the founding members of the PTI and former Director of Intelligence.

The case history

The case was marred by several reasons, including PTI’s challenge to Election Commission jurisdiction, nine rotations of attorneys, and other delay tactics.

Babar alleged that approximately US$3 million of illegal foreign funds were collected through his two offshore companies and that the funds were illegally transferred to accounts of Middle East PTI employees through “Hundi.”
He also alleged that previously smuggled funds from abroad had been hidden in annual audit reports submitted to the Electoral Commission.

A list of causes issued by the Electoral Commission included: It includes the disclosure of the planned incident, sparking debate in political circles and the public about the political future of the PTI and its leader Imran Khan.
At one point, after the PTI refused to cooperate, the Electoral Commission wrote to the State Bank for account details.

In March 2018, the ECP established a three-member audit committee to investigate foreign funding issues.
On October 1, last year, the ECP kept secret the verdict on her four petitions filed by the PTI. On 10 October 2019, the Electoral Commission dismissed the then ruling party’s objection to audits by the Audit Commission, but the PTI challenged this decision in the Islamabad High Court and filed a foreign lawsuit in November 2019. It was decided to hear funding cases daily.

In unanimous verdict, ECP rules PTI received prohibited funds from foreign nationals

The Committee rejected the Audit Board’s “incomplete” report on the 2020 foreign funding incidents, finding that the report was neither complete nor comprehensive. In unanimous verdict, ECP rules PTI received prohibited funds from foreign nationals

Subsequently, in November 2021, the Audit Board submitted an audit report of her PTI fund. The commission, established in March 2019, also submitted its report six months after its deadline.

The Commission report confirmed that PTI received funds from foreigners and companies, showing the funds were low and multiple bank accounts. The report also cited controversy over allowing four PTI employees to receive donations in their personal accounts, but said it was outside the commission’s mandate to verify their accounts.

Recall that in March 2018, an Audit Committee was formed to thoroughly investigate PTI’s accounting. However, it took about four years for the ECP to file a report, which he filed in December 2021. The Commission also expressed its inability to obtain certainty from PTI on relevant details.

However, some documents were classified and not disclosed in this report, so on January 19, 2022, the Electoral Commission ordered all classified documents to be made public.

On 14 April, the Islamabad Supreme Court ordered the Electoral Commission to make a decision on him within a month, but the PTI appealed and the court order was put on hold.

Many are eagerly awaiting his ECP verdict, leading to widespread speculation that the verdict will add a new twist to the ongoing political crisis.

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