India’s Kapil Dev slammed for ‘mocking’ mental health

India’s Kapil Dev slammed for ‘mocking’ mental health

 Former Indian captain Kapil Dev — AFP/file

KARACHI: Former Indian captain Kapil Dev has been slammed after he issued blunt remarks about mental health.

Speaking at an event, Kapil acknowledged that he had no idea what the words “pressure” and “depression” meant, terming them “American words”, and said that if players felt under pressure to participate in the IPL, they could simply choose not to. 

He continued by saying that nowadays, even students in classes 10 and 12 experience “pressure,” but he again conceded that he had never seen the rationale in it.

However, fans lashed out at the former all-rounder and said he mocked mental health.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Kapil’s remarks:

Recently, Indian batter Virat Kohli revealed his issues with mental health.

“Trust me, faking to be strong is far worse than admitting to being weak,” he said.

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