INTERVIEW Busan can achieve upset victory in World Expo bid

INTERVIEW Busan can achieve upset victory in World Expo bid

Philippe Blanchard speaks at the Bureau International des Exposition’s Headquarters in Paris to promote Dubai as the host city of World Expo 2020. For the founder of Futurous, hosting World Expo 2030 depends on how each competing city makes every remaining hour count until the election to choose the host city in November 2023. Courtesy of Philippe Blanchard


Expo 2020 Dubai expert emphasizes continued efforts until host city election in 2030

By Ko Dong-hwan

From his very own experience, Philippe Blanchard, an professional on a way to host mega-scale worldwide events, discovered that beginning later than your contenders doesn`t be counted plenty so long as you attain the end line first.
But to do that, the person who become a part of Dubai`s successful web website hosting of World Expo 2020, stated that reaching advanced stability among persuading stakeholders how the occasion will gain them and lobbying different international locations to get them to vote in your bid is extra crucial than something else.

In hindsight, he stated there has been no good fortune concerned and what paid off, in the long run, has been teamwork targeted on innovative methods to self-merchandising and drawing each home and worldwide support.

“There is no `The Tortoise and the Hare` fantasy in any bidding process,” Blanchard, the founding father of Futures, a Dubai-primarily based totally consulting company on mega-events, sports activities, and technology, informed The Korea Times.

“A success bid calls for locating consistency among technical sides ― offerings to the home and worldwide stakeholders, infrastructure and organizations ― and worldwide relations-slash-lobbying to persuade and interact with the balloting contributors of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE, the organizer of World Expo primarily based totally in Paris).”

Currently locking horns to host World Expo 2030 are Busan, Riyadh, and Rome. The capital of Saudi Arabia has made a favorable start in opposition among cities with its own strengths. Busan began bidding about 12 months later, trying to narrow the race to the two most likely cities.

However, Blanchard, Minister of State and Senior Leader of His Excellency Ream Al Hashimi, Director of the 2020 Dubai International Exposition, downplayed Busan’s postponed start.

“The elections (adopting the host city of the 2030 World’s Fair) will be postponed someday as Busan, Riyadh and Rome will have to submit bids to the BIE in September about 40 days earlier this year. Please note that Mr. Blanchard, former chairman of the International Olympic Committee from 2003 to 2011, described the BIE General Assembly in Paris in 2023. And now no one is in control. ”

Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon, from left, Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, and Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Chey Tae-won were in Paris in June this year to promote Busan as the host city of World Expo 2030 during a Bureau International des Expositions General Assembly. Courtesy of Prime Minister’s Office


Blanchard, responsible for the bidding documents for the 2020 Dubai International Exposition, found that he was lagging behind Russia, Turkey, and Brazil early in the city’s bidding.

However, the city eventually won a landslide victory over its competitors, winning 116 votes against 47 votes in Yekaterinburg, Russia. His team said they had increased their creativity and performed “very lean, consistent and agile” work with the full support of the UAE’s senior committee.

Blanchard believes Busan is facing a difficult path to winning the bid. The second largest city in South Korea, which accounts for half of Riad’s population, is the 2025 Japan International Exposition after winning the “Hat Trick” by hosting the 2010 Shanghai International Exposition, the 2008 Summer Olympics, and the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

It is also close to the willingness of the Expo and another event in China in 2035, Winter Olympics.

“It can be difficult,” said Blanchard. “Therefore, Busan needs to emphasize it as a national project in the broader Asian ambitions.”

Blanchard, who describes the World Exposition as “a very exciting and complex endeavor,” is diverse. Involving multiple stakeholders with a combination of goals, global competition, infrastructure, features, soft power, and a master plan, we saw some of the benefits Busan found in it. There is a bid.

These are the powers of industry, culture, and diplomacy finding creative ways to convince BIE member countries of the unique benefits of Busan’s bidding, including its global recognition as an international business hub.

And has a track record of successful mega-events in South Korea – Summer Olympics (1988), Oshiro (1993) and Joss (2012) World Cup, Soccer World Cup (2002), and Pyeongchang Winter Olympics (2002) 2018). Busan itself is the host of the 2002 Asian Games and has contributed to, supported, and fulfilled its economic and political development ambitions over the last three decades, says Blanchard.

“The mega-event helped secure South Korea’s position in the international arena, strengthen nationalism and promote economic growth with export-oriented state-owned enterprises,” said Blanchard. “For BIE, the results of the Oshiro and Yeosu International Exhibitions are still memorable. This is definitely a good sign for the Busan 2030 bid.”

Blanchard sees the bidding phase as a unique opportunity for governments, businesses, universities, and the general public to participate in common projects.

“Through the steps of bidding, preparing, hosting an event, and thereby marking heritage, the entire process will cover the development ambitions of the (host country) over the next 20 years,” Blanchard said.


Credit/Source : KoreaTimes

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