Islamabad court says Shahbaz Gill not well, orders another medical examination

Islamabad court says Shahbaz Gill not well, orders another medical examination

Islamabad court says Shahbaz Gill not well, orders another medical examination

Islamabad: On Friday, a court in Islamabad ordered PTI leader Shabazz Gill to undergo another medical examination, saying he was in “not good condition”. The Court today issued an order that was pending after police requested an eight-day extension of his pretrial detention in a sedition case brought against the Cosar police station for making anti-military remarks on television.

“Shabaz Gill’s condition is not good. He needs to undergo another medical examination,” the court said, ordering authorities to detain him at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) until Monday.

Rejecting Gill’s lawyers’ claim that his two-day pretrial detention granted on 17 August had expired, Judge Raja Farouk Ali Khan said that pretrial detention had not yet begun. He ordered the prosecutor to submit a medical report at the next trial.

“Shabaz Gill has asthma. He should have a medical examination,” said the judge. Prior to, PTI leaders were removed from PIMS while wearing oxygen masks and put on trial under high security.

‘Gill fell sick after court order’

At the hearing, Special Prosecutor Raja Rizwan Abbasi said that when Gil was hospitalized, a medical examination was performed to assess his health.

“Investigators can conduct medical examinations without a court order. A doctor told the Islamabad High Court (IHC) that the suspect was fine when he was taken to jail and his medical report was normal.

Doctor he told the IHC that Gil had fallen ill when the court granted pretrial detention, Abbasi argued and requested an extension of pretrial detention.

Gill’s attorney, Faisal Chaudhry, claimed in his allegations that medical reports stated that his client had been tortured.

“You’ve seen his health. That’s a real problem,” he said.
The case will be heard at the IHC on Monday, he added, defying police requests to extend his pretrial detention.

‘Fit and healthy’

Previously, the PIMS medical board had declared that the PTI director was “healthy” and “healthy” and could be fired at any time. According to reports, the hospital had his PTI director perform 10 medical tests on him and x-rays on him, all of which were declared “no problems.” Sources said the report found no evidence of torture.

Wednesday, the Circuit and Circuit Court ordered Gil, who has been in prison since August 9, to police custody for 48 hours. However, PTI challenged the case in the Islamabad High Court.

After the court ordered extended pretrial detention, the PTI leader’s condition began to deteriorate, and after hours of drama, he was reportedly transferred from Adiara Prison to PIMS.

IGP Islamabad ordered to investigate torture claims

On Thursday, the IHC ordered the Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) to submit a detailed report on the alleged torture of Gil while in police custody and the controversy that broke out at Adiara Prison over the defendant’s detention.

The court also allowed Gil’s attorneys to visit him at the medical facility where he was receiving treatment.
IHC Acting Supreme Court Justice Aamer Farooq, who presided over the case, allowed Gil’s attorneys to see him after he said he was prevented from seeing his client early Thursday morning.

The judge also issued a notice of grounds to the Adiara Prison Administration, detaining him later than the prescribed time.

PTI attorneys requested a stay of pretrial detention, but an IHC judge extended it until Monday, adjourning the hearing to the same day.

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