‘Jones would kill Israel,’ says Henry Cejudo

‘Jones would kill Israel,’ says Henry Cejudo

Israel Adesanya (L) and Jon Jones (R) — Twitter

KARACHI: Former UFC two-weight champion Henry Cejudo predicted that Jon Jones will kick UFC champion Israel Adesanya if the two ever square off.

For years, Adesanya and Jones have been threatening to fight, but since then, the two have taken quite different courses. Jones hasn’t competed since giving up his light-heavyweight title more than two years ago, while Adesanya has advanced to the No. 2 spot in the organization’s pound-for-pound rankings after successfully defending his middleweight title five times since obtaining it in late 2019.

Cejudo, who has been assisting Jones in preparation for his comeback, has endorsed him to “kill” Adesanya in a possible match.

“Jones would kill Israel. If you were to let Jones like literally kill him, Jones would kill him. That’s how much he doesn’t like him. It’s understood though too,” Cejudo said on his YouTube channel.

“The reason why I kind of started not becoming a fan of Israel is just because of the simple fact that he talked about his [Jon Jones’] mom who is deceased. For me, that was like a dealbreaker. That’s the stuff that really threw me off with Israel, that’s really not cool man. There is somewhat limits to this stuff and you don’t do that.”

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