Law-enforcers mass around Banigala

Law-enforcers mass around Banigala
Security personnel deployed near Banigala can be seen this file photo.

Law-enforcers mass around Banigala

Security personnel deployed near Banigala can be seen this file photo.

Negotiations with Imran Khan are under way, as the PTI leader wants to avoid arrest or house arrest, says sources

Islamabad: A large force of law enforcement, police special forces, rangers and constables were deployed around Banigala on Sunday night on all roads and trails leading to former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s residence to prevent unwanted incidents. has been blocked. However, it has not yet been decided whether Imran Khan will be arrested or placed under house arrest, a source involved in the strategic planning of the operation told The News. Negotiations are underway with Imran Khan because we want to avoid it.” Quarterly.

“Imran Khan is seeking an opportunity to appeal to the High Court for redress, but as a first step he must surrender to the police,” the source added. The sources added that they are arguing over the matter and will issue instructions if they are arrested. PTI activists have gathered around Banigala, but no adverse incidents have been reported at the time of filing the report.

sources said the Home Office had applied to the Prime Minister’s Office for written permission to arrest his PTI chief. Sources said the arrest was made by consensus of all parties in the ruling coalition.

Meanwhile, PPP leader and former president Asif Ali Zardari has spoken out against the arrest of Imran Khan. He believes the arrest will do political damage to the ruling coalition.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) President Maulana Fazra Rehman said on Sunday night that PTI leader Murad Saeed claimed that an arrest warrant had been issued for Imran Khan. It was unclear about the arrest.
The federal government had previously considered a case against Imran Khan in proceedings against party leader Shahbaz Gill for inciting hatred.

At least two meetings were held at the Ministry of Interior to consider legal action against Imran Khan, according to official sources. “The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) and the Ministry of Justice for advice on two options: whether [Imran] Khan’s name can be added to the FIR registered against Shahbaz Gill; whether a new case should be registered by sources said his Shahbaz Gill-supporting rally in Islamabad also violated section 144 and the FIR could be registered as well. Separately, Interior Minister Rana Sanaura said on Sunday that Khan had threatened the institution in a speech on Saturday, deploring that the former prime minister threatened a judge in her name.

At a press conference here, he said the public office holder Khan’s statements were “indictable” and whether they constituted the filing of new lawsuits or a possible reference to an existing [Shahbaz Gill]. said it would be investigated to determine whether It will be added. case.

He said it could bring disaster to the country if Imran Khan is not arrested. He said that not only he but also the prime minister [Shahbaz Sharif] wants to arrest Imran Khan for ranting against state institutions.

Sanaullah repeatedly claims that Shahbaz Gill, the party chief of staff Imran Khan, was tortured. “I can confirm as Home Secretary that Gil was not tortured,” Sanaura said.

The Minister of Home Affairs condemned Imran Khan’s remarks to the police and the judiciary, stating that “Imran Niazi’s story is an anti-national agenda.” Of his media tendencies of divisive social, which began in the wake of the Lasbela helicopter tragedy in which six military personnel were martyred, Sanaura said it was an “organized campaign” to promote “support for Imran Khan.” claimed to be.

The Minister said that many politicians have “spoken about interference by the regime in the past, but no one has ever provoked anyone to disobey orders.

On Sunday, the government formed a Joint Investigative Team (JIT) to sue the 7 ATA (Anti-Terrorism Act) for intimidating a judge. Based on the First Information Report (FIR) registered on Saturday. A police officer from the federal capital’s police force, according to Interior Ministry sources. He added that the team members could be announced on Monday.

The News and Daily Jang published an article in its Sunday edition on the FIR’s status under terrorism. FIR (No. 407/22) states:

“In a speech, Imran Khan threatened Islamabad’s top police and judicial officials, saying: ‘IG and DIG Shame on you. Please, I disagree with you, the purpose of Imran Khan’s speeches like this is to prevent police and judicial authorities from filing lawsuits and taking legal action against PTI and its workers. So it was to terrorize the police and judicial authorities because of Imran Khan’s terror.

“Due to Khan’s threatening speech, fear and panic spread among the police, the judiciary and the public. Fear, fear and anxiety spread among the people.

In response to a speech by PTI Chairman Imran Khan at F/9 Park on Saturday night, police in the capital said on Sunday, They said they will continue to perform their duties diligently, adding that anyone who raises threats or accusations will be subject to the law and will be dealt with.

In a statement, the police said they take their job seriously as their main job is to protect people and maintain law and order. “We have pledged to serve our country under all circumstances,” the statement said. All officers and Matsu performed their services with full responsibility and will continue to do so. the statement said.

“The Islamabad Metropolitan Police, as an organization, will take legal action against those involved in the false allegations,” the press statement concluded. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Islamabad police said in a statement that Imran Khan’s security had not been withdrawn.

Earlier, PTI central leader Shireen Mazari said the “imported” government had withdrawn its guard against the illegal ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan. In a tweet on Sunday, she said the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) police had withdrawn all security forces from the former prime minister’s home. She said it was against the law, saying, “But who in this imported government cares about the law?” I said that the ruler was busy because of this. The state should know how the co-conspirators threatened Imran Khan’s life, she added.

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