Mamamoo ready to ’cause an incident’ with 12th EP, ‘Mic On’

Mamamoo ready to ’cause an incident’ with 12th EP, ‘Mic On’

Mamamoo poses during a press conference held for its 12th EP, “Mic On,” in Seoul on Tuesday. (RBW)

With sounds of rustling leaves as a backdrop across the country, girl group Mamamoo made its way back to the music charts as a full unit with its 12th EP, “Mic On,” which released Tuesday evening.

This marks a return for the band a year after “I Say,” an album that celebrated the K-pop act’s seventh anniversary in September 2021.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Solar said the new album shows who Mamamoo is. Moon-byul added that the album’s title could also be “M Icon,” as the band hopes to become musical icons with the new album.

Also, as the track title “Illella” suggests, which translates into “cause an incident,” the four bandmates plan for a spectacle on stage, ready to sing and whip fans into a frenzy.

“It’s an album with Mamamoo’s ambition and aspirations to bring the best on stage. Something big is on its way, so that’s what people should expect from us,” Solar said.

The main vocalist added that it’s also the band’s first time meeting fans in person again since the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic era. As Mamamoo is ready to showcase new music, Solar expressed hopes and anticipations that MooMoos, the band’s official fandom, will look forward to the quartet’s music.

Leading the album is “Illella,” which Moon-byul described as a song with rich brass sounds, guitar riffs and a reggaeton feel. The rapper added that the words to the song spell out “love,” saying it’s a serenade for two lovebirds and how they confirm their feelings toward each other under the moonlight. She added the band wanted to meld in its own stories this time.

Hwasa explained “Illella” as a phrase with a deep and rich history.

“The phrase itself is short and concise, but it’s something we’ve always said before going on stage to perform or before a big event since we were trainees.”

As the new album marks Mamamoo’s return in full after a one-year hiatus, fans will really look forward to seeing the group perform again. Known for its energetic stage presence and choreography, dance crew One Million’s Lia Kim and Harimu took part in making the moves for the lead track.

Apart from “Mic On,” other tracks that round out the album are “1,2,3 Eoi!” which stems from the catchphrase Mamamoo does before hopping on stage, and “L.I.E.C.” which borrows the intro tune of the band’s megahit “Um Oh Ah Yeh.”

Going back to the title, Solar said she hopes for more time to cherish with fans without hesitation, when asked what the band will achieve soon.

“It’s a little spoiler alert here, but as you know, we’re dropping our 12th EP today. And starting from the new album, concerts could be held in and outside the country. Also, Halloween is celebrated in October, so there might be something on that day. We’re planning on hosting concerts until the first half of next year. I can only say that although there’s not much left of 2022, it will be jam-packed for Mamamoo.”

“There will be events where we’ll be able to meet our fans in person starting from the latter half of the year. Not only fans here, but we’ll also meet international fans worldwide. We’ll be busy visiting here and there,” Wheein said at the end of the event, raising anticipations internationally as well.

“A world tour is coming,” Solar added, with a smile beaming across her face.

Mamamoo’s 12th EP, “Mic On,” hit global music platforms on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

By Park Jun-hee ([email protected])

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