Naseem Shah’s TikTok account has Pakistanis in awe | The Express Tribune

Naseem Shah’s TikTok account has Pakistanis in awe | The Express Tribune

Pakistanis have recently discovered the 19-year-old cricketer Naseem Shah’s TikTok account following his spectacular performance in the Asia Cup that led to the team’s victory in one of the crucial matches. 

Pakistan and Afghanistan went head to head in one of the decisive matches of the Asia Cup taking place currently. Viewers were close to losing hope of the ‘Green Shirts’ winning as they needed eleven runs in the last over with 9 wickets already fallen.

It was then that in an unexpected turn of events, the young player known for his bowling scored two consecutive sixes, making Pakistan’s qualification for the finals confirmed.

Immediately, video clips and edits of his iconic sixes were all over social media platforms with Pakistani fans rejoicing and making hilarious memes to celebrate the memorable win. The viral clips piqued the interest of social media users about the player and his lifestyle, leading people to discover his TikTok account.

People have applauded the Quetta Gladiator player for keeping a well-maintained and “curated” account. “Also Naseem Shah has one of most well-curated TikTok accounts,” a user shared. 

A user even made a Twitter thread describing the content that is uploaded there and crowned the bowler “a true gen z rep” for being active on the popular video platform. They were also able to theorise that someone else manages his account given that everything there is “sorted by tags and playlists”.

“Thread to discuss Naseem Shah’s official TikTok. Granted it’s the most well-curated amongst players but it’s a gift that keeps on giving. A true Gen Z rep.”

“As soon as you land on his page you’re welcomed with some very questionable song selection, but I’m neither questioning nor complaining,” another tweet of the thread continued. “It’s clear that someone records and manages his TikTok (which by the way has everything sorted by tags and playlists), a PR manager if you will. But our boy is here for it and he’s a natural around cameras.”

They also noticed how the content has recently transitioned from being personal to reposting ‘fancams’ (fan-made edits) as the cricketer continues to gain fame in “important performances”.

It further shared, “Recently there’s less raw personal content and more reposting fancams, almost as if he’s giving one of his life’s most important performances in an international tournament, but a heart wants what it wants so please if you’re around Naseem Shah tell him to give us more.”

Some were appreciating the teenager’s act of self-love of posting his edits on his account, calling him a “chill” person.

There were also those who expressed their opinion that the player needs a social media manager because he’s posting “everything” there. “Naseem Shah needs a social media manager. Bro is posting everything on TikTok.”

Some pointed out that the fast bowler was posting edits intended to make fun of the Indian cricket team on his official account, hinting that the humorous activity could be a bit concerning from a professional point of view. “Can’t believe Naseem Shah is posting these edits from his official TikTok account,” a user joked. 

However, given that his career has just started, fans have full trust that the player will gradually learn the different aspects of being a professional cricketer. They also have high hopes for the hidden gem to reach further success in the future and believe that he is a valuable addition to the team that the country is proud of.

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