Nawabi Kababi Offers A Slice Of Old Delhi Through Its Lip-Smacking Kebabs

Nawabi Kababi Offers A Slice Of Old Delhi Through Its Lip-Smacking Kebabs

What is that one food that all Indians love to devour for starters? It has to be the good old kebabs. Our desi palate craves the typical Indian kebabs, whether it is to whet hunger before meal time or to kick-off a get-together. Heaping plates of succulent meaty delicacies along with smoky vegetarian specialties, Nawabi Kababi is a haven for all kebab lovers. The menu is steeped in relishing mouth-watering dishes and invites everyone to a rendezvous with ‘Purani Delhi ke kebabs’.

Nawabi Kababi is the brainchild of two friends Harmail Singh Khattar and Hardik Aggarwal under the company Gurjyot Impex. Harmail’s love for food began at a young age and grew up relishing global food and experience in over 15+ countries. His deep rooted love for food and kebabs led to the birth of Nawabi Kababi. Hardik and Harmail would go to great lengths travelling to Old Delhi and Jama Masjid to find good kebabs and tikkas.


The cloud kitchen offers over 50 types of mouth-watering kebabs to choose from. I tried some kebabs and other dishes from the menu. Malai Wala Murgh was brimming with exciting flavours and the creaminess of malai levelled it up. Zafarani Chicken had a deep smoky vibe but I found it to be a little dry. I wish it had retained more juices from the meat because the flavours were on point. Mutton Galouti was soft and melt-in-mouth, just the way I like it. 


For the mains, I tried Chicken Biryani and it was perfect. Teeming with robust spices, it complemented the delicious and hearty Dal Makhani I paired it with. If you are indulging in a north Indian fare, can it be complete without Butter Chicken? Of course, not! Butter Chicken from Kababi Nawabi is a good choice for those who like the tinge of sweetness in this dish along with all the staple flavours.

Overall, the meal from Nawabi Kababi served a good gastronomical experience to my taste buds which always hanker for traditional Indian food. 

Enjoy the same experience by ordering your favourite foods from the menu to your doorstep. 

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