NYPD Mayor Eric Adams during a crackdown on illegally parked commercial vehicles in Queens.

NYPD Mayor Eric Adams during a crackdown on illegally parked commercial vehicles in Queens.

NEW YORK — New efforts are being made to slow truck drivers through parking lots across the city. 4,444 trucks parked overnight has been a problem for years and is getting worse for city officials, CBS2’s Ali Bauman reported Monday.

Trucks cannot park in residential areas until 9pm. And at 5am, they still do it every night. It’s a problem that has plagued southeast Queens for years, and city officials say it’s only gotten worse during the COVID-19 pandemic. It now affects areas from Staten Island to the Bronx.

Mayor Eric Adams puts the accelerator (or should I say boot) on an 18-wheeler that uses the city streets as its own parking lot.

“We don’t have parking like this in wealthy neighborhoods.

The mayor joined the NYPD in Springfield Gardens Monday night to promote a nighttime crackdown on commercial vehicles in residential areas.

Since Operation Heavy Duty Enforcement began on August 15, the NYPD has issued nearly 600 subpoenas, ejected 89 cyclists and towed 55 trucks.

“It’s disrespectful to your neighbors. It’s dangerous and, frankly, utterly ridiculous,” said Borough of Queens Chairman Donovan Richards. have reported — residents complain that 18-wheelers are illegally parked in their neighborhood every night, taking up space and creating blind spots for drivers.

City officials say things have gotten worse during COVID as e-commerce boomed.

“We recognize that there is a capacity issue with parking vehicles. We recognize the economic climate with more people working in the trucking industry, so we need to ensure that we have capacity to park our trucks and that truck drivers The overall solution is to let people know where to park and retrieve trucks from open spaces,” said the community activist. Mayor Bill Perkins.

said the city has parking lots that can accommodate large trucks and plans to work with businesses to find safe and legal locations for trucks.

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