Pakistani experts to inform EASA of steps taken to lift PIA ban

Pakistani experts to inform EASA of steps taken to lift PIA ban

Two flights of national airline carrying 725 Umra pilgrims from Jeddah have reached Islamabad airport. PHOTO: REUTERS


A platoon of Pakistani aeronautics officers would be transferred to Brussels coming month to inform the European Union Aviation Safety Agency( EASA) about the way taken to restore Pakistan International Airlines ’( PIA) flight operations, officers said on Friday.

The government has stepped up its sweats to restore the public carrier’s breakouts to European countries, the UK and US.
During a briefing given to Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique, the officers said the platoon would bandy their air security, safety and functional issues with the agency.

On the occasion, the minister directed the PIA to carry relief goods of the National Disaster Management Authority( NDMA) free of charge for the victims of the recent cataracts.
He added that all public institutions had to fulfill their duty together for the relief and recuperation of the flood tide victims.

Last month, the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation was informed that the transnational aeronautics safety bodies had fixed the date for the inspection of the public carrier.

The director general of the Civil Aviation Authority( CAA), told the meeting that after an online inspection in October this time by the International Aviation Safety Assessment( IASA), a physical bone would also take place by EASA.


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The PIA landed in hot water in the wake of its flight PK- 8303 crashing in Karachi on May 22, 2020, and the posterior advertisement by also aeronautics minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan of the grounding of 262 airline aviators suspected of dodging their examinations.
In January this time, EASA had refused to lift the ban assessed on the PIA to travel to European countries and the UK on the base of the inspection conducted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation( ICAO).

Following the findings of the inspection, the PIA CEO had written a letter to EASA to lift the ban.
In his two- runner response transferred on January 20, EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky had written that while the development was an important step towards implicit lifting of suspense of the PIA’s authorisation, it was important to address the overall oversight capacity of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority( PCCA).

“ As indicated in our letter dated 31 March 2021, the arising situation on the below- mentioned SSC indicated serious declination of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority instrument and oversight capabilities. similar information shall be taken( into account) by EASA when lifting the suspense, ” the letter had read.

It had added EASA would conduct its own inspection of PIA previous to lifting of the restrictions in agreement with Composition 235( d) of the TCO Regulation( EU) No452/2014.

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