Plane crash survivors feel no regret turning to cannibalism to survive

Plane crash survivors feel no regret turning to cannibalism to survive

Plane crash survivors. — AFP
Plane crash survivors. — AFP

Plane crash survivors that were involved in a horrific accident 50 years ago have said that they do not regret resorting to cannibalism and eating the dead passengers to survive. 

A plane carrying 45 people crashed into the Andes mountains on October 13, 1972, due to poor weather conditions. 

The incident claimed 12 lives immediately while several others lost their lives to their injuries and freezing cold temperatures. Later, an avalanche killed more of the passengers, Lad Bible reported. 

Ten days after the crash, the survivors got to know that the search operation has been called off. This made two of the people trek across the mountains for help which led to the rescue of 15 survivors. 

On the 50th anniversary of the crash, the survivors while speaking to Sunday Times said “they did what they had to so they could survive.”

The survivors allegedly ate the dead bodies as the food supplies had run out. 

One of the survivors, Ramon Sabella, said that it felt “terrible” and “repugnant”, however, they “got used to it”.

Sabella said that all of them decided to resort to cannibalism with the group’s consent as they had “promised each other that if one of us died, the others were obligated to eat their bodies.”

Jose Luis Inciarte, one of the survivors, said that eating the dead passengers took “great effort of energy and mind”.

The incident was turned into a movie called “Alive” in 1993 with the survivors working as technical advisers.

The survivors meet on December 22 every year to hold a mass with the victims’ families. 

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