Plot hatched for PTI-army clash: Imran Khan

Plot hatched for PTI-army clash: Imran Khan
Ex-PM Imran Khan before addressing the public rally in Islamabad on August 20, 2022. Twitter/PTIOfficial

Plot hatched for PTI-army clash: Imran Khan

Ex-PM Imran Khan before addressing the public rally in Islamabad on August 20, 2022. Twitter/PTIOfficial

Imran Khan warned a conspiracy had been hatched for a clash between his party and the army and, if it happened, there would be bloodshed in the country

Islamabad – Pakistani Tefrek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan said on Saturday that a plot to clash between his party and the military was plotted, and that there would be bloodshed if it happened in the country. warned that it would.

Speaking to a group of social media influencers at the Bani Gala mansion, he said: “No neutral person can make this mafia government aware.” , declined an offer from the government to meet, saying he could not sit down and talk to them because to sit with them would be to accept their corruption. Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif recently repeated his offer to discuss the drafting of an economic charter with the opposition. However, Imran claimed the economic charter was a fraud.

“If you want a business charter, take back the wealth you hid abroad.” I regret that I am very sorry. He appoints the ISI Director General. He also requested that the new army chief should be appointed on a merit-based basis. rice field.

Political stability in a country leads to economic stability, he argued, and the military alone cannot unify the country. “If the military could unite the country, East Pakistan would not have collapsed,” he argued.

Imran recalled that the India-Israel Lobby was happy with his government’s secession, whereas the national leadership opposed the Israel-India Lobby’s plans, and that any form of government that would harm the country would be prohibited. He said he would not make a decision.

He said the only solution to the problem was a clean and fair election, and that he himself would choose candidates for the next election based on merit. They said they got a call from the “zoo” when they launched a crackdown on the police who tortured . “A classic example of fascism is the case of Shabazz Gil. The police say they didn’t torture him, but who did it?”

He also urged Neturals to stand with the people, the judiciary and Pakistan, as this is a national issue. “I want to tell neutral countries that this is a national issue. It is very important that we stand up for our country, our judiciary and Pakistan, not these thieves. I would also like to ask if they are truly neutral.

They told us they were neutral and resigned when the conspiracy came to light. We know our agency is the best in the world and when they learned of the conspiracy they withdrew,” Imran said in response to Shahbaz Gill’s alleged torture. He spoke at a rally led by Point to F-9 Park. “When atrocities were committed against PTI supporters in Punjab, when asked, the police said that they did not do anything.”

When questioned by Islamabad police regarding Gill’s alleged torture, he said they hadn’t done anything, but that they were attacked from behind by “boots”. When he decided to take action against the CCPO Lahore and the Punjab DIG on 25 March for violence against families, women and children, he said, “Our people in the government are not going to get calls telling them not to touch them.

Imran began addressing the accused audience, fear was spreading among the people to enslave them, and what happened to Gil was due to what he said.

Imran criticizes Gil’s treatment and tortures him as if a great traitor had been captured. “What they did to Gil mocked the rule of law and tore her to pieces,” he claimed. Addressing the police in Islamabad and the Inspector General of his DIG, he said: He also called additional district and session magistrate Zeba Chaudhry, who on Wednesday approved Gill’s two-day pretrial detention at the request of Islamabad police and said she should also be prepared for action.

He complained that no action was taken against Fazla Rehman, the leader of the Pakistan Democratic Movement, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif and others of foul language. “If a case could be registered against Gil, the PTI would file a lawsuit against everyone, including PMLN Colonel Nawaz Sharif, Fazler Rehman and Minister of Home Affairs Rana Sanaura.”

Imran said his party would bring three officials to the Supreme Court, saying the state was turning to the courts to uphold the rule of law and the constitution, and that the rule of law would not be enforced. said it was their responsibility to implement.

Last week, PTI held a public meeting at the Lahore hockey stadium that was supposed to be held here, but someone was sent here. “But if anyone thinks that if the media were shut down in this day and age, people would accept these thieves, then you live in a different world. No. It is the path to true freedom, and whoever stands in its way will be washed away,” he warned. Halagu Khan, by unleashing terror on Gil, we are terrified. , I believe we will be slaves to these thieves. What was done to Gil was intended to make us slaves,” he added.

He also announced that he would provide a road map to the nation tomorrow at Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi, and would take the nation to the streets to teach them the meaning of true freedom, as Allah Iqbal and Quaid intended. Said he would keep going. Make it understandable – Azam.

Meanwhile, government coalition partners accused Imran Khan of threatening speeches against judges and Islamabad’s IGP and DIG. In a joint statement, the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), Pakistan People’s Party, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (Pakistan), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) and others clarified their disparaging speeches against additional districts and session judges. showed an exception. Zeba Chaudhry and Islamabad police officers.

“The threats are blatant bullying and violation of the law. Traitors are those who plotted insurrection within the military and received foreign funding,” the statement added.

The parties also demanded action against Imran Khan and his staff for threatening judges and interfering in the affairs of the Ministry of Home Affairs, while threatening police officers performing their duties under the law. appealed to the Supreme Court.

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