PMD’s cyclone warning centre issues fresh alert: Depression 450km away from Karachi

PMD’s cyclone warning centre issues fresh alert: Depression 450km away from Karachi

A satellite image highlighting the distance and location of the system. — Pakistan Meteorological Department

Currently none of Pakistan’s coastal area is under any threat from this weather system, says PMD Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre

KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) warned on Saturday that the North Arabian Sea storm system (a strong storm system) has been moving in a west-southwest direction over the past 12 hours and is now moving away. About 450 km southwest of Karachi.

In Alert-III, the Japan Meteorological Agency said the system will likely continue to move west until tonight, then return to the northeast, gradually weakening.

The maximum sustained surface wind is 45 km/h, with gusts of up to 55 km/h near the center of the system.
“Pakistan’s coastal areas are currently not threatened by this weather system,” said a Meteorological Agency alert, saying the PMD Tropical Cyclone Warning Center in Karachi is closely monitoring the system and issuing appropriate updates.

He therefore said that the sea conditions would remain very rough for the next two days and advised fishermen in Sindh and Balochistan not to go out to sea until tomorrow night.

Heavy rains expected till August 14

PMD said heavy rains are expected today and tomorrow as low pressure systems in the Arabian Sea intensify.
Metropolis announced that monsoon influences may bring heavy rains to He on August 13-14. It warned that monsoon currents from the Bay of Bengal are pouring into the central and lower parts of the country.

According to the forecast, it will continue to rain in the port town until August 14th. PMD warned that the city was also hit by strong winds.  Heavy rains hit the state capital early Saturday morning, flooding roads and submerging cars, making it difficult for commuters to reach their destinations.

Commuters passing through stagnant rainwater on road after heavy rain in provincial capital.

No casualties were immediately reported in the latest spell that began last night and disrupted the life of an entire city within hours.

Due to the current rainy season in the metropolitan area, the Karachi Secondary Education Board ((BIEK) has postponed the exams scheduled for today (August 13th). Shahra-e-Noor Jahan, Powerhouse, UP Morr, New Karachi, North Karachi and Surjani Town were hit by rain and thunderstorms late into the night.

Credit/Source : THENEWSPK

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