President Yoon’s approval rating continues to decline

President Yoon Suk-yeol takes reporters’ questions from the presidential press corps as he arrives at his office in central Seoul, Friday. According to a recent survey, Yoon’s approval rating has fallen to a new low of 33 percent, Thursday. Yonhap

By Kwon Mee-yoo

President Yun Suk-Yul’s approval rating has been declining just two months after he took office, and newcomers could not draw a clear vision of the country at the risk of a global recession.

His approval rating has plummeted in recent weeks, and negative feedback to the president has exceeded his approval rating, leading him to the “Cross of Death.” Yun has always accused the previous administration of not offering better alternatives and is facing nepotist accusations over suspicious staffing.

According to a July 11-13 survey of 1,001 adults in South Korea jointly conducted by Embrain Public, KSTAT Research, Korea Research, and Hankook Research, Yun said he was doing his job well. Only 33% said they didn’t.

Those who supported Yun stated that Yun was determined (28%), communicated well with the public (18%), and was fair and just (18%).

The biggest reasons President Yun’s achievements were negative were dogmatic and unilateral (30%), lack of experience and ability (28%), and the appointment of inappropriate people to the cabinet (16%). ) Followed. For more information, please visit the National Election Commission Deliberation Committee website. According to
experts, Yun won only 0.73 percentage points in the presidential election, so he should work harder to beat the people, especially early in the presidential election.

Yun’s victory has contributed significantly to the swing of centrists and voters, but these groups are receiving increasing attention due to a series of controversies, suspicious staffing, and deteriorating economic conditions in the country. You can easily turn your back on him. Bae Chul-ho, a senior analyst at research firm Realmeter, said in a series of disputes about Yun and first lady Kim Kun-hee contacting each other and turning them into civil servant offices. Said that he needed to gain momentum to recover. Therefore, it shakes trust in the Yun administration.

“The gap between positive and negative views is widening, and public sentiment is shifting from concern to resentment,” Bae said.
Om Kyung-young, director of the Zeitgeist Institute for Political Think Tanks, pointed out that Yun does not have a strong support base.

“Yun won the presidential election because voters of Moon Jae-in and Lee Jae-Myung approached the Yun group in Gyeongsang Province,” Eom said. Differentiate from former President Moon Jae-in. President Choi Jin of the Presidential Leadership Institute urged President Yun to make a breakthrough by paying more attention to and paying attention to the public welfare.
“It is natural that the government after the change of government will solve the problems of the previous government. However, it should be done in a rapid and sophisticated way. If his approval rate dips down even further, he could face the possibility of being an early lame duck,” Choi said.

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