Provincial police guarding Banigala confuses ICT police

Provincial police guarding Banigala confuses ICT police
Security personnel deployed near Banigala can be seen this file photo.

Provincial police guarding Banigala confuses ICT police

Security personnel deployed near Banigala can be seen this file photo.

A total of 63 police personnel, including 57 from KP Police and six from Gilgit-Baltistan are presently performing duties at Banigala

Islamabad: The deployment of police officers from other states to protect PTI chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has put the Islamabad police in an awkward position of not knowing whose orders they are working for, they say. A metropolitan police source confided to the news.

A total of 63 police officers, including his 57 from KP police and his six from Gilgit-Baltistan, are now under the control of former Prime Minister Imran Khan without legal protection or requests from his ICT police. He carries out his duties in his residence, Banigara. These staff of 4,444 are in addition to his 155 Islamabad police staff and officers stationed in Banigala. According to the laws and procedural rules laid down there, police officers from other states and countries (GB and AJ&K) will only come to the federal capital if requested by the federal government to use her ICT police. can do.

In this particular case, the ICT Police did not issue a request to the Secretary of the Interior to deploy any number of police units from these provinces or provinces, and the Ministry of Interior issued such an order to the provinces and provinces. did not issue. They will move their troops to the federal capital, the sources said. It turns out that
ICT Police wrote to the Ministry of Interior to investigate the situation and clarify the matter. Because the presence of police officers from other states and states can cause chaos and serious consequences.

The letter stated: “It has been observed that some state governments have sent state police or police to Islamabad to give the impression that they are protecting former Prime Minister Imran Khan. The federal police alleged that Islamabad police officers were being used to protect the former prime minister.

“This amounts to a violation of the federal police’s legal and administrative powers,” the letter said. The letter asked the Interior Ministry to instruct state governments to refrain from such statements and statements and measures.
“The Federal Police will not allow state or state police forces to enter the borders of Islamabad without obtaining a permit or to carry out their duties without specifying their nature,” said the ICT Police.

They said a report on Imran Khan’s security regime had been sent to relevant government agencies. According to a report released by his DIG security department in Islamabad, a total of 238 staff were deployed in the former prime minister’s security, of which 155 were from his ICT police and the rest were from his KP. , Punjab, GB.

Sources clarified that according to regulations, the ICT police will request support and uniformed personnel from other sister organizations in accordance with established laws and procedures.

Forces requested report to Police Headquarters in Islamabad and their duties are established. Equipment and supplies provided to the military are documented in police records.

The letter also clarifies that the recruited personnel are, by internal order, subordinated to the local task forces, and that the performance of police operations and related functions shall be carried out by the Islamabad Metropolitan Police, which is under ICT jurisdiction. The clarification of this order is also clear, as it is the responsibility of “When the military is convened by a civilian government, it has certain processes that are fashionable and known to all major stakeholders,” the letter reads.

According to the letter, these armed personnel currently stationed at Imran Khan’s residence are in Islamabad without conscription, mandate, rules of engagement or wording of orders.

It states that there is no justification for deploying police personnel from anywhere other than Islamabad Metropolitan Area (ICT) and they must be returned to the parent organization. The command of each of these personnel may be directed to follow established procedures and rules or withdraw their power from the ICT to avoid unwanted incidents due to this anomaly, the letter said. further said.

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