PTI insists ECP fails to prove foreign funding against party

PTI insists ECP fails to prove foreign funding against party

PTI leaders addressing a joint press conference after ECP’s verdict. Photo: Geo News/screengrab


Islamabad – Following a scathing ruling by the Pakistan Electoral Commission (ECP), PTI leader Farouk Habib said the party had no evidence of foreign funding.

Farrukh Habib said the ruling disappointed those pushing the foreign-funded storyline against the PTI. He claimed that although the funding is prohibited, he believes it is not foreign funding.

Asked about the ECP, the PTI leader said the IHC had ordered all political party accounts to be investigated without discrimination.

He noted that the audit committee tasked with reviewing the PTI’s accounts had completed its work on time, but the committee set up to review the accounts of the PPP and PML had yet to submit its report. said no.

PTI insists ECP fails to prove foreign funding against party

‘Overseas Pakistanis raised funds for PTI’

Fawad Chaudhry said overseas Pakistanis raised

the money for the PTI, adding he was aware of their claims that the ECP did not qualify as “foreign funding”.
In the next step, PTI will certify 16 accounts as legitimate and add that those accounts are “sub-accounts,” he said.
“No political party has the right to hide funds from the public,” he said, the PTI leader.

He called on election officials to release the verdict after the PTI in the eligibility proceedings for the PPP and his PML-N.
“I do not understand why PML-N and his JUI-F consider Pakistanis abroad as enemies,” he added. The 4,444 overseas Pakistanis are the backbone of the country, the PTI leader said, adding that they will continue to rely on funding from abroad.

‘Nation seeks reply’

PTI leader Asad Umar took to Twitter to say that the ECP granted his wish by announcing the verdict on the party’s fundraising lawsuit.

“Is the country asking for an answer why is he not publishing the PPP and PML-N funding reports?” he asked the PTI chief.

Asad Umar questioned his ECP and the electoral agency said he was protecting the PDM political party in violation of his SC and Supreme Court directives.

CEC should resign voluntarily: Sheikh Rasheed

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid told Geo News that today’s decision will not lead to an unmanageable crisis.

Describing Pakistan’s constitution as a “wax nose”, “the law should be the same for all political parties,” said the former home minister, a staunch ally of Khan. said that whatever the government tried, the PTI chairman could not be harmed, stressing that there would be no major political changes as a result of the order.

Rasheed said he was “ready to say under oath” that he had received funds from the murdered terrorist “Osama bin Laden”, pointing guns at key figures in the government.

He then called for the voluntary resignation of Electoral Commission Chairman Sikandar Sultan Raja.

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