PTI, Punjab govt at odds over Gill’s issue

PTI, Punjab govt at odds over Gill’s issue

PTI leader Shahbaz Gill brought to a court for a hearing

Islamabad: Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Punjab Chief Minister Pervais Elahi met on the issue of PTI leader Shahbaz Gill. It should be noted that IG Prisons made it clear to his PTI leader who contacted him that the Bureau of Prisons would cooperate with the federal government regarding his Shahbaz Gill medical examination. Elahi is an empowered person in this regard.

More specifically, Mirza Shahid Saleem, the leader of PTI and her IG prison, has given harsh words on the issue of transferring Shahbaz Gill to a hospital of her choice.

According to government sources, Fawad Chaudhry, Hammad Azhar, and Hafiz Hayat contacted the Punjab Prison IG on behalf of Imran Khan, asking them not to cooperate with the federal government regarding Shahbaz Gill and to the hospital where he was being treated. ordered him to be deported. However, IG’s prison told his PTI leadership that Shahbaz Gill had been declared a defendant by the federal government and that it would be against the law to interfere in Gill’s affairs, so what powers did he have? I said no.

sources said the PTI leader was upset by the IG’s reaction, but the IG prison made it clear that he could not follow illegal orders. PTI leaders said we should not teach the law and follow orders.

The IG prison then said that the PTI leader should contact the Punjab CM and should not be forced to do so. His CM Pervaiz Elahi in Punjab and his PTI president Imran Khan and other leaders disagree on the issue of Shahbaz Gill.
When he was contacted about this, the PTI leader, Fawad Chaudhry, said that he and Hammad Azhar had no idea about such a meeting, as he did not even know who the IG Prisons were. I said I didn’t know. He denied talking to IP prisons about Shahbaz Gill’s case.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister and his PTI Chairman Imran Khan called the Punjab Additional Secretary of the Interior (R) Captain Assad to appoint PTI Shabazz Gill to his PIMS in Islamabad rather than Rawalpindi. I frankly told him to transfer me to a government hospital. Imran warned Captain Assad about the consequences if Gil was not moved, the sources added.

He also accused Punjab Interior Ministry officials of taking orders from intelligence agencies. ACS Captain (R) Assad informed his PTI chairman that he cannot be transferred to Rawalpindi hospital because Gil is a federal prisoner and the state cannot do anything about it. Earlier, PTI Officers Hammad Azhar, Fawad Ch, Col (R) Hashim Dogar and Hafiz Farhat visited Deputy Home Secretary Punjab Capt (R) Asad and sent PTI’s Shahbaz Gill to the government hospital in Rawalpindi instead of PIMS Islamabad. requested to be transferred to Officials said this was not possible under the rules and regulations.

IGP Punjab has also pedaled PTI with an additional secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Similarly, his PTI leaders, including Fawad Ch, threatened to release the warden of IG, DIG and Adiala prisons for non-cooperation in the Shahbaz Gill case.

Hamid Khan, a prominent legal expert, told Geo News’ Capital Talk host Hamid Mir that Shahbaz Gill’s case must proceed as normal. Hamid Khan said it was highly inappropriate for Imran Khan to interfere in the affairs of the state government or threaten state officials because the state has autonomy. PMLQ’s Kamil Ali Agha said the federal government should not interfere in state government affairs and respect state autonomy.

In response to Hamid Mir’s question about whether Shahbaz Gill could pose a threat to Imran Khan if he was taken to a PIMS hospital, Hamid Khan said that Imran’s Chief of Staff could pose a threat to the PTI Chairman. I denied that I had sex, but it was disproportionately unnecessary. Inflating issues from the federal government and the Punjab government.

Regarding hospitalization, Hamid Khan said Gill can be hospitalized wherever he feels comfortable. When asked, Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha of PMLN said Imran Khan is trying to keep Gill out of federal jurisdiction. replied.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Punjab State Police denied that PTI leaders had contacted the Punjab State IGP regarding the Shahbaz Gill case.

He dismissed Hamid Mir’s allegations of his Punjab he clarified that the IGP had no contact with his PTI leader. A spokesman for the Punjab Police further said it was a matter for the Islamabad Police, judicial and prison authorities, and that the Punjab Police had nothing to do with Gill’s case.

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