PTI steps up efforts to establish ‘good relations’ with US, hires lobbying firm

PTI steps up efforts to establish ‘good relations’ with US, hires lobbying firm

PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses a rally in Islamabad.

The PTI said Friday it will hire a Washington-based lobbying firm to support the party’s goal of building good relations with the US and Pakistani diaspora.

The development comes after reports that the Republican Party is looking to improve relations with the Joe Biden administration. The PTI accused US of plotting to overthrow Imran Khan’s government by supporting the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). The main customer of the lobby office is New York-based PTI USA. The company hired him to manage public relations and media relations for PTI USA for six months at a cost of US$25,000.

An agreement was signed on August 1 between David Fenton of Fenton/Arlook and Salman Ravala, Attorney for PTI USA.

The Agreement further provides that PTI USA is not overseen, owned or controlled by any foreign political party and is “in certain cases” i. “It is being done.”

“Fenton/Arlook, including distributing information and briefings to journalists, posting articles and programs, arranging interviews with PTI representatives or advocates, advising on social media efforts, and other public relations services. We provide PR services that are not limited to these.” Reads PTI and PR Firms.

“Fenton/Arlook will charge $25,000 per month plus the cost of this work. You must pay upfront or pay an upfront payment of $50,000 and $5,000.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan claimed the US threatened to overthrow his government because of his independent foreign policy, a claim denied by both the US and the PDM.

But the party is now trying to reestablish relations with the United States, and recently the PTI chairman had a secret video call with US Ambassador Donald Bloom. Reportedly at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington. also purchased services from the same company.

‘PR firm not lobbying firm’

But senior PTI leader and former Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhry tried to downplay the move.

“Urdu translation of the newspaper so that journalists and ministers can understand that this is not a lobbying firm, but a news agency he has contracted with PTI USA to highlight their views in the media. asked for,” he tweeted.

Such companies are tasked with establishing ties with the party in the media, he said, Fawad.

‘Imran Khan has hundred faces’

Meanwhile, Germany’s Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal criticized the PTI chairman for trying to deceive the country.
Never doubted that Imran Khan had a hundred faces. What he represents and professes is a smoke screen.

Ahsan Iqbal said Imran Khan has appealed to the United States in some way, including sending envoys and engaging lobbyists.

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