PUC suggests APC to work out flood relief measures

PUC suggests APC to work out flood relief measures

PUC suggests APC to work out flood relief measures

LAHORE: Pakistan’s Ulema Council (PUC) on Friday called for an all-party meeting on the flooding situation prevailing in the country.

At a press conference, PUC leader Hafiz Tahir Mahmoud Ashrafi said all political parties and religious groups should pool their financial and human resources to deal with the disaster. Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif should call his APC to help flood victims and Prime Minister Parvez Elahi must also do his part.

“We thank Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for announcing their financial support and investment in their countries,” said Ashrafi, who is also the prime minister’s special envoy on religious harmony and the Middle East.

“Arab Muslim countries are friends of the Pakistani people,” he said, adding that Muslim countries should not interfere in the domestic political situation. I have never met anyone. “Pakistan’s position on the Palestinian issue is very clear and no one can change it.”


PTI Chief to Visit Flood hit Areas


“The current flood situation is more devastating than past floods and natural disasters. Pakistan alone cannot cope with this situation affecting millions across the country. The international community should step forward to help those affected by the disaster,” he said.

YDA: The Punjab chapter of the Young Doctors Association has announced that it will set up a mobile medical camp. In the flood-hit southern part of the state. Speaking to the media here at the Children’s Hospital on Friday. YDA Punjab President Dr. Mudassar Nawaz said the likelihood of a viral disease outbreak had doubled after the massive floods.

He said families stranded in flood-hit areas needed urgent medical assistance to avoid viral illness.