Punjab by-elections 2022

  • By-polls on 20 seats of Punjab Assembly taking place after ECP de-seated PTI MPAs for defection
  • The result will decide whether PTI or PML-N gets to install the CM of their choice, which could also effect federal govt
  • Both parties campaigned heavily, with Imran leading PTI’s campaign and Maryam PML-N’s

    Hammad Azhar draws attention to ‘lively’ PTI election camp

    Former minister Hammad Azhar has put up photos of his party’s “lively” election camp, saying its workers are “active”, as the PTI put up comparison photos of its own camp versus rival PML-N’s.

    “Today the oppressors’ reign will end,” Azhar said on Twitter.

Separately, the PTI put up a side-by-side photos with a crowded PTI election camp in Lahore’s PP-167 constituency and a seemingly barren photo it said was of the PML-N.


Vote for PTI if you were satisfied with Buzdar govt’s performance: Miftah

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has urged voters to cast their ballots in favour of the PTI if they were satisfied with the performance of former Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar’s government.

“[But] if you think the provincial government should keep a check on prices, provide cheap flour and sugar, construct and maintain hospitals and schools, and keep your neighbourhood clean, then vote for the PML-N,” he said on Twitter.


Gill claims woman’s name not in voters’ list, sent to another constituency

PTI’s Shahbaz Gill has alleged that a woman, who arrived at a polling station to cast her vote, found that her was not in the voters’ list.

He did not specify where the incident took place, but said she was sent to another constituency. “Who is responsible for these data operating errors?”


So why are the by-polls in Punjab so important anyway?

The province, the most populous in the country, is considered the crown jewel of electoral politics in Pakistan.

The parties that claim to have the biggest following in Punjab — PML-N and PTI — are eyeing victory in this by-election not only because the winner gets to sit upon Takht-i-Lahore, it also determines the outcome of the next general elections.

But there is more at stake: today’s election will shape national politics for years to come.

‘Make your choice be heard,’ says PML-N’s Hina Parvez Butt

PML-N’s lawmaker from Punjab, Hina Parvez Butt, called on the people of Punjab to “get up and make your choice be heard”.

“Reject the fitna of people like Niazi and the enemies of Punjab,” she added soon after voting went underway.


Punjab Police assist the elderly and differently-abled at polling stations

Punjab Police shared photographs of their personnel coming to the assistance of elderly and differently-abled voters.

“During the by-elections, Punjab Police personnel are engaged in helping the elderly, women and disabled people while fulfilling their duty of public service,” it said on Twitter.


Credit/Source : https://www.dawn.com/live/pakistan