Riteish and Indu’s conflict to unfold a new twist in ‘Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai,’ deets inside!

Riteish and Indu’s conflict to unfold a new twist in ‘Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai,’ deets inside!

New Delhi: Star Bharat is turning into one of the top destinations for engrossing and fascinating content. 

In the show, we see Karan V Grover and Sayli Salunkhe playing the role of Riteish and Indu respectively. We see that both of them share the most endearing bond with Zoon. But as we all know, conflicts and misunderstandings have always crept into relationships marked by love.

Now, we will see that some massive misunderstandings have taken place between Riteish and Indu which has led to the unfolding of new twists. The role of Riteish Malhotra, a Bollywood superstar who now, connects with Zoon and deliberately becomes her father figure with a fatal twist is inevitable. But with the evolving misunderstandings between them, Riteish feels that Indu doesn’t take care of Zoon at all. This eventually makes him decide that he will adopt Zoon and take care of her. 

The show is all about three strangers whose fates are bringing them together. Zoon feels an absence of a father figure in her life. Ritesh, played by Karan V Grover, a famous Bollywood actor has everything a man desires but a connection in which he can pour his heart out. He is guilt driven from an incident in the past with a wound so deep but somehow manages to carry a smile that is sold in the name of stardom. He is playing the role of a person who takes care of Zoon as a father and their bond gets deeper with time.


Will Zoon bridge the gap between Indu and Ritesh? Will her dream of a ‘perfect’ family get fulfilled? 

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