Shahbaz Gill claims torture in police custody; plea to extend physical remand rejected


Shahbaz Gill claims torture in police custody; plea to extend physical remand rejected

Shahbaz Gill claims torture

Islamabad: A court in Islamabad heard a sedition case against PTI leader Shahbaz Gill, denied a prosecutor’s request for an extension of pretrial detention, and remanded him into custody. The PTI leader was brought into court today after completing two days of pre-trial detention.

Gill was arrested Tuesday by Banigala Chowk for allegedly trying to create division within the military through comments he made on his channel, TV.

He 124-A (agitation), 131 (agitation to mutiny and attempts to discourage soldiers, sailors and airmen from serving), 153 (deliberately). A provocation intended to provoke riots if riots occur. 153-A (such as encouraging hostility between different groups), 505 (speech leading to public mischief), and 506 (punishment of threatening crimes).

On Thursday, Islamabad police arrested Gill’s driver’s wife and relatives during a raid on charges of sedition and assaulting law enforcement. Police conducted a raid from the driver’s home to retrieve his mobile phone, during which the family resisted and “attacked” the staff.

At today’s hearing, a transcript of Gill’s statement was read in court.

Justice Officer Jahangir Jadoon claimed that an attempt had been made to turn the military grassroots against the leadership.

“Shabaz wants to investigate him further because he has not allowed Gil access to his mobile phone and laptop.” I explained that I had requested a remand and now would like to investigate further to find out who wrote the program.

“The famous polygraph test also has to be done from Punjab. This will take him 4-5 days. We have written to PEMRA and it may be necessary to bring the suspects to Karachi,” he told the court.

Gill claims torture

Meanwhile, Shahbaz Gill claimed he was tortured while in police custody and was not given a medical examination.
“I can’t imagine going against the Pakistani army. I’m a professor, not a criminal.”
Gill also claimed he was not detained at the Cosar police station.

During interrogation, Gil claimed that former Prime Minister Imran Khan was asked what he was eating.
He was asked several times if he commented on Imran Khan’s instructions. I made no such statement. I will face political retaliation,” he claimed the PTI leader.

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