Sonali Phogat Death Case: Autopsy Report Mentions ‘Blunt Force Injury’

Sonali Phogat Death Case: Autopsy Report Mentions ‘Blunt Force Injury’

An autopsy report for actor and politician Sonali Phogat, who died earlier this week, says the celebrity had suffered multiple “blunt force” injuries to her body at the time of her death.

BJP leader Sonali Phogat’s mysterious death has more layers than was first revealed Goa police, which had previously said they were taken, eventually registered a case against the two employees and launched an investigation, after issuing an autopsy report.

Goa police have launched a detailed investigation into the background of his two defendants – Sudhir Sangwan, his PA of the deceased, and his associate Sukhwinder, according to Indian news outlets.

His Omvir Singh Bishnoi of IG Goa Police said in a media statement:

Additionally, citing sources close to the development, the news outlet reported:

The source added, “Previous tragedies, including the mysterious death of her husband, Sanjay Phogat, are also under investigation. All perspectives and possible people involved will be checked and included in the investigation.”

An autopsy report released Thursday said Phogat had multiple blunt instruments in her body, noting that her family suspected the celebrity was raped before she was murdered is important.

Regarding the death, Phogat’s brother Dhaka said: So far, I’m happy with the ongoing investigation… I demand justice. ”

In addition, the deceased’s family reported that celebrities were taken to Goa. As part of a conspiracy when she was photographed in the coastal state on August 24. While her hotel room was booked for August 21-22. He claims that he was tricked.

The actor and politician was cremated in Hisar on Friday. Hundreds of Phogat’s fans attended the final ceremonies, and the teenage daughter has been demanding justice. She said, “My mother deserves justice. This case needs a proper investigation and those guilty should be severely punished.”

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