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THIS customised Tata Altroz is a ‘Sinister’ looking hatchback with sporty appeal, details here

Tata Motors is one of the major car manufacturers in the Indian market, with its vehicles known for their built quality. Although, their cars are not very popular when it comes to modifications, more so with the hatchbacks. However, going against this notion, Gaurav of the Raahee YouTube channel has customised the Tata Altroz hatchback to give it a ‘sinister’ look. To Gaurav’s credit, he managed to increase the car’s potential and makes it look a bit better. However, the modifications are not too major but significantly change the car’s look.

Getting to the modifications, the first thing that instantly attracts attention is the lowered stance of the car. The usual suspension has been replaced by Cobra springs which lower the car by 30 mm at the front and 45 mm at the rear end. Owing to the lower stance, the car gets a sportier look and reminds us of the JDMs that are low and close to the ground. Due to the lower stance, the driver can expect more stability from the car and reduced body roll as well.

Though there are benefits in terms of handling because of the Cobra springs, but the practicality of the car suffers. Furthermore, the ground clearance is reduced, making driving on bumpy roads difficult. As explained in the video, such suspension mods necessitate more cautious driving.

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Besides this mechanical change, the appearance of the car is also changed. The major changes include projector headlamps with a multi-colour demon-eye effect. Moreover, it gets a front lip spoiler. Furthermore, adding to the ‘sinister’ look are the custom smiley graphics towards the rear end of the car. It also gets aftermarket alloy wheels with low-profile tyres.

When you look at the car from the rear end, there are some major changes as well. The car now gets a rear-spoiler (which probably doesn’t have a practical use). Furthermore, it also gets Valvetronic exhaust. Since we are talking about looks, it is crucial to mention that the interiors of the cars have been modified too. It now has an aftermarket Android-based infotainment system.

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