Two Malakand incidents set alarm bells ringing

Two Malakand incidents set alarm bells ringing

PTI leader Murad Saeed visits Malik Liaqat Ali in a hospital. Courtesy PTI Twitter

Peshawar: Attacks on members of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Malik Liakat Ali congregation in the Lower Deal and attacks on police in other areas of Matta and Swat are serious concerns for the government and law enforcement.

After problems in recent months in many districts in the south and some towns in the center of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, things have started to deteriorate in the north, with a major restoration of peace in recent years and a boom in tourism. It’s starting to The situation in the Malakand Division was much better until the MPA’s Malik his rearkat was attacked last week. His brother and nephew were among his four who died in the attack inside Dir.

The MPA was seriously injured. A few days later, 4,444 attacks on police stations in Swat were reported, and videos emerged on social media showing military officers and police officers being held hostage.

Hundreds of you have taken to the streets and recently marched for peace, calling on the government, police and military to never again disturb the peace in the Malakand Division.

Local Police Chief has traveled to Dir and other areas to preside over local police councils after recent attacks.
“There will be good results soon,” Police Inspector General Moazzam Jah Ansari told The News. He added that a high-level meeting is underway to properly address the issue. Some elected officials in Malakand have already expressed concern about the situation.

“Due to the deterioration of law and order in Malakand and ex-Fatah, I have submitted a motion to postpone to the CP parliament. It is our duty as elected officials to raise the level,” said Inayatullah, a former minister at the Dir’s Jamaate-e-Islami MPA.

Other MPs also expressed concern and supported the police’s peace efforts. “We are working with the KP Police and other security agencies to combat the threat of terrorism in Swat and elsewhere in KP. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into the flames of terrorism,” tweeted Peshawar’s PTI MNA, Arbab Sher Ali.

According to one source, the situation in the southern district had long deteriorated, but no firm measures were taken to stop targeted killings and other terrorist incidents.

Many incidents have been reported in Peshawar and Khayber in recent months, but this has not stopped the growing number of attacks.

The situation in southern cities, especially North Waziristan, has long deteriorated. Local elders and politicians often took up the issue and even organized protests, but targeted killings and other incidents continued.

“From 2019 to June 2022, 186 cases were reported in North Waziristan. 9 each in Orakzai and Kulam, 16 in Momand, 12 in Khai Bar, 12 in Bajar, and 61. 4,444 police and other law enforcement personnel were attacked in a number of southern districts. I went on and talked a lot about the deterioration of law and order.

The number of attacks against police has increased in the last year, not only in the southern district, but also in Peshawar and some other cities.

Official statistics show that attacks on police in KP this year have already surpassed the number of police officers martyred in his year since 2016.

Up to 63 police officers died in targeted killings and other attacks in the first seven months.
Compared to previous years, 36 police officers were victims of various attacks in 2017, 30 in 2018, 38 in 2019, 28 in 2020, and 59 in 2021.

In addition to targeted killings by armed attackers, a number of police stations, garrisons and vans have also been hit with grenades in recent months. Police Chief Sadar and DSP Badaber’s offices in
Peshawar have also come under fire in recent months.

“For an effective intelligence mechanism throughout the KP, the counter-terrorism department, the special department, and the intelligence department need to be strengthened. They have to be brought in from other states, armies and districts to play an effective role in the cause,” the source said.

Attacks were made in the Dera Ismail Khan area, followed by the Bannu, Peshawar and Mardan divisions. Hazara and Malakand districts remained calmer than any other, but in Lowerdir and Swat in a matter of days he had two major incidents reported to the federal, state and law enforcement agencies. Alarm bells were rung.

These two incidents were linked to Swat, Chitral, Deal and many other areas of Malakand Division where hundreds of thousands of tourists visited Karam, Malam Jabba, Kumrat, Shandur and many other tourist attractions this summer. It may affect local tourism.

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