Urban Break art fair becomes playground for graffiti, webtoons, tattoo

Urban Break art fair becomes playground for graffiti, webtoons, tattoo

LA-based “deconstructive pop artist” Matt Gondek is among over 450 creators active in the urban, street and pop art scene, who have been invited to this year’s Urban Break, known as Asia’s largest contemporary urban and street art fair. Courtesy of Urban Break Committee

2022 edition to be held through Sunday

By Park Han-sol

The third edition of Urban Break, which has made its name known as Asia’s largest contemporary civic and road art show, is anticipated to be more bustling than ever.

The four- day fair demurred off Thursday at Coex in southern Seoul under the theme of” Green, Equity, Digital.”
It aims to target a growing number of millennial art collectors and suckers by bringing to the fore the stripes and forms that enthrall a prominent section in mainstream culture and yet haven’t been duly stressed as an art form, especially in the traditional world of fine trades.

Following the success of last time’s event, which drew over,000 callers, Urban Break 2022 has turned its focus to graffiti, webtoon, tattoo and art toys through a series of special exhibitions, artist addresses and live performances.
In the gallery cells, further than,000 oils and showpieces by 450 generators, who are active in the current civic and road art scene then and abroad, are on view.

The featured artists include Banksy; D * Face, a master of graffiti satirizing popular artistic iconography; Roby Dwi Antono, who brings together imagery of Surrealism and Classical Renaissance; Okuda San Miguel, best known for his rainbow- colored geometric world featuring humans, creatures and religious icons; and Invader, honored for mosaics with patterns inspired by classic, pixelated videotape games.
Matt Gondek holds his solo show to unveil his rearmost work,” Heart in a pen.” The LA- grounded pop artist introduces popular comics characters similar as Mickey Mouse, the Simpson Family and Hello Kitty on his oil, only to also deconstruct them into dynamic pieces ― quite literally.

Another eye- catching single exhibition invites 10- time-old artist Nicholas Blake. At his first show in Korea, Blake showcases some 20 oils of brutes from both nature and myths reimagined in brisk strokes of color.

Ten-year-old artist Nicholas Blake will hold his first solo show in Korea at the Urban Break 2022 at COEX from Thursday to Sunday. Courtesy of Urban Break Committee


At the fair, in addition to paintings of cities and streets, other elements of popular culture were revealed.
Our Beloved Summer, All of Us Are Dead, Tomorrow, Natural Born Idiots, Fashion King and other five webtoon artists welcome visitors with webcomic-inspired digital prints and art toys increase.

The exhibition is dedicated to tattoo artists such as Polyc, who recently performed a cover-up tattoo on BTS’s Jung Kook, and LIFO, known for adding a modern twist to traditional Korean “folk paintings” and crafts. Has been done.
Without live performances and events, it wouldn’t be an urban art fair.

From Friday to Saturday, Jiya da Chorona, who painted chalk on environmental, cultural, and social issues on the streets of cities around the world, will be attending a live drawing performance.

During the four-day event, Urbanstrikers will lead the interactive project “Proto-type”. Crew members dressed in black go to every corner of the venue to combine installation art with live performances.

Artist Talks will feature Gondec, San Miguel, and Ronak who came to Korea for the event.

Last but not least, as in the previous edition, Urban Break 2022 will continue to explore the unexplored potential value of digital assets through the collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The collection will be on display at both the 11-meter-wide media wall at the entrance to the venue and OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace.


Credit/Source : https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/art/2022/07/690_333128.html

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