WATCH: Most bum skips in 30 seconds

WATCH: Most bum skips in 30 seconds

Most bum skips in 30 seconds. — Screengrab via Instagram

A man from Bangladesh created a unique record by showing extraordinary hand-feet coordination and flash-like speed. He completed more than a hundred bum skips in half a minute.

The Guinness World Records posted MD Rasel Islam’s video on Instagram, captioning: “Most bum skips in 30 seconds: 117 by MD. Rasel Islam.”

Soon, with over 67,000 likes and over 770,000 views, the video went viral as people were shocked by Islam’s special talent.

Social media users flooded the comment section, expressing their awe.

“Impress,” a user said.

“My spine hurts watching this, respect,” commented another.

Many applauded the record-breaker’s strength. Some noted how effortlessly he was performing the skips.

“This looks easy until you try it,” a user remarked.

“So much strength for this!! Just wow,” another chimed in.

Islam has been skipping since he was a little child. He has several other accolades to his name including the most skips in one minute on one leg and the double under skips in three minutes, GWR reported.

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