What are basics of happiness for Shahnawaz Dahani?

What are basics of happiness for Shahnawaz Dahani?

Shahnawaz Dahani — PCB

KARACHI: Apart from his exploits on the field, Pakistan pacer Shahnawaz Dahani is renowned for his upbeat personality and heart-warming gestures off the field.

The pacer shared the three basics of happiness with the fans.

Dahani shared a video on Twitter whilst in Christchurch, where he can be seen feeding food to birds in the streets of the city.

“Saying Salam, giving a smile & sharing food are basics of Happiness. Stay humble & be happy,” the right-arm bowler wrote.

Earlier, Dahani was seen serving and distributing sweets among the spectators in Rotterdam during Pakistan’s three-match ODI series on the birth of Salman Ali Agha’s son.

Pakistan secured two consecutive wins in the tri-nation series, as they beat Bangladesh and New Zealand.

The Men in Green will take on the Kiwis in their third T20I of the series on Tuesday.

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