Who has the guts to disqualify Imran, asks Fawad

Who has the guts to disqualify Imran, asks Fawad

Information and Law Minister Fawad Chaudhry speaking during a press conference on March 29

Islamabad: PTI leader and former information minister Fawad Chowdhury on Sunday challenged the Election Commission’s authority to issue a memo to party leader and former prime minister Imran Khan. The Electoral Commission sent a notice to Imran on Friday summoning him to a hearing following a recent ruling in a banned funding case.

According to the ECP website, “Following his August 2 judgment of the Commission in the Akbar Sher Babar case, Pakistani Chairman Tehreek-i-Insaf was notified in relation to Rule 6 of the Political Parties Regulations, 2006. It was issued”. A hearing has been set for August 23 at 10:00 am.

His PTI leader’s reaction to the announcement was given during a press conference in Islamabad. In response to the ECP’s decision in the case of prohibited funding, Fawad said the party had received 20 million rupees in 13 accounts. “This amount has been released to party officials for office use. In what capacity does the FIA ​​(Federal Bureau of Investigation) notify party leaders?” and issued notices to various PTI leaders. Discussing another case related to the issue of Imran Khan’s disqualification, Fawad said, “Who has the courage to disqualify Imran Khan?”

“Who wants to create a one-party system in Pakistan? ’ he asked. Fawad said the party was gearing up for the “final stage” of the ongoing anti-government campaign. “A historic rally will take place on his August 13th,” he said, adding, “We will not let them escape the election.”

Fawad pointed a gun at his PPP, saying, auditors are nowhere to be found.” And it was he who fought the election, not the PPP, but the PPP MP. He further said the general secretary, instead of the party leader, filed his Rs.232 crore expense declaration. “Money from America came directly into Zardari’s account,” he claimed. “There is no evidence that a LLC was formed by a PPP,” he added.

As for PML-N, “we have absolutely no information about their funding sources,” he said. The PTI leader said Islamabad’s Supreme Court had ordered the Electoral Commission to make a ruling on funding all political parties, but he made only one ruling on PTI funding. I remembered

“According to the law, all political parties must be tested. One party cannot fund the other,” he said. Why is the Election Commission saving him PML-N and his PPP?” he asked. “The Electoral Commission doesn’t seem to care about reputation,” he said, adding, “Previously, the Electoral Commission didn’t respect it.”

Reacting to Home Affairs Minister Rana Sanaura’s comments earlier in the day, Fawad said he was as important as the SHO (Station House Officer) of the Cosar Police Department and said, “Speaking according to his position.
He warned the Minister, without elaborating, that he had to deal with more than expected.

“Better to be safe than sorry,” he added. Fawad said the party leader summoned by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said he had held no public office since 2011 and he had not held a public office since 2012, and that his JIT took place in Punjab on May 25. He said the FIA ​​had issued notices to senior PTI officials, including Asad Qaiser, Imran Ismail and Ali Zaidi, while four PTI office staff had also been subpoenaed.

He then shared some details and explained that there are 13 accounts in total and the total amount received by PTI people is Rs 20 million. “It is disappointing that Mariyam Aurangzeb became the Minister of Information and claims that billions of dollars have been transferred to these accounts,” he argued.

Fawad said in the original document submitted to the Electoral Commission in 2019 that these his 20 million rupees were declared and then these his 13 rupees before the Electoral Commission on 23 October 2019. account was also declared. In addition, 20 million rupees were remitted due to the elections in 2013 after the fundraising was completed in 2012.

Dr. Arif Alvi ran the PTI office in Karachi, so the funds were sent to him in Karachi and the PTI office in Zamzama was run by Imran Ismail. That’s why the money was sent to him,” he stressed.

He accused Home Minister Rana Sanaura of speaking out of his position, saying that 80% of Pakistan’s population is now governed by the PTI and two major provinces are entirely governed by the PTI. However, Rana Sanaura said that she should not say such things because she is only a SHO of Courser.

At the same time he said: We are expected to cooperate with the FIA, so we hope that these people will also cooperate with the JIT in these investigations and not hide in Islamabad. “We hope the federal government will cooperate with us in this regard. If the police need these people, they will be removed from office and allowed to be arrested,” he said. Told.

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