Will establishment ever trust Imran Khan again?

Will establishment ever trust Imran Khan again?
Chairman PTI Imran Khan addresses a rally. Courtesy PTI Twitter

Will establishment ever trust Imran Khan again?

Chairman PTI Imran Khan addresses a rally. Courtesy PTI Twitter

Islamabad: PTI leader Imran Khan continues to pressure neutral forces with various allegations to gain support for overthrowing Shebaz Sharif-led coalition. That raises the question of whether Khan’s strategy of attacking the neutrals and matching them will work. Will the establishment trust him again?

The neutrals claim they are neutral and do not intend to repeat the mistakes of past political maneuvering, but Imran Khan explicitly urged them again on Thursday to intervene. At the same time, He tried to embarrass neutrals by repeating some claims and adding some new ones.

“There is still time to review policies,” he warned, arguing that the establishment fosters corruption. Since his government collapsed, he has urged neutrals to oust the coalition and pave the way for their return to power. Khan doesn’t want to talk to his political opponents, who are now in government, but wants to establish things that are consistent with his policies. He has used all sorts of tactics to pressure the organization into following his orders.

Thursday he reminded a neutral that his ISI had informed him of the opposition’s corruption case. However, he did not disclose who in the ISI told him all this. He again accused, without naming, for assuring.

Imran Khan did everything possible to bring him to power, and later the constant attacks on those who supported the government in every possible way made him an unpredictable person. His recent credential, “ISI told him about his PMLN PPP corruption”, is said to have something to do with what until recently was his favorite on the nomination of CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja.

Khan has shown in recent months that he can do anything for his own benefit and to the detriment of others, including his benefactors. Interestingly, he does not want the establishment to remain apolitical or confined to the realm of the constitution, demanding that it profit legally or illegally as it has in the past. increase.

Independent observers believe Imran Khan is again unreliable, even as the establishment returns to its controversial former political role. It is said to be instructive.

Khan’s relentless assault on the establishment has troubled many party leaders, but they are powerless. They discuss how to stop Khan. PMLQ supreme leader Pervez of Punjab Province His Prime Minister Elahi and his son Monis His Elahi have also warned him not to attack the regime in public speeches and media interviews But in return, all these individuals are called “their men.”

Recently, poor Pervez Elahi had a nightmare while dealing with Imran Khan’s desire not to hand over custody of Shehbaz Gill from Adiara prison to Islamabad police. Elahi never wanted the situation that happened. However, under pressure from the Khan, Pervez Elahi tried to get some concessions from influential circles while dismissing Gil’s testimony.

Imran Khan knows of his connection to Pervez Elahi. At PTI, Pervez Khattak is also very relevant. However, both Erahi and Katak find themselves in an embarrassing situation. Pervez Elahi wanted to focus entirely on governance and implementation, but got preoccupied with other things.

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